What’s the Verdict on Saturated Fatty Acids?

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If SFA (saturated fatty acids) are bad for us then why does our body store excess calories that way?

Saturated fat consumption was likely unrestricted among ancient hunter gatherer populations. For the purpose of efficiency and conservation, entire animals would be consumed.

The USDA and other major government nutrition advocates claim that excess saturated fat intake will lead to exceedingly high cholesterol levels and coinciding health problems. Currently, there are no confirmed studies demonstrating the correlation of increased saturated fat intake with a higher risk for cardiovascular mortality. Saturated fat intake might increase LDL cholesterol initially, but it produces protective HDL cholesterol simultaneously.

The Inuit people of North America subsist on a diet that is extremely high in saturated fats, and the majority of the population does not exhibit cardiovascular diseases. The body does indeed store excess carbohydrates as saturated fat, but this is simply for the purpose of future energy expenditure. Saturated fat should not be feared, and is a vital fatty acid for maintaining consistent energy levels while following a Paleo lifestyle.

Bottom line: Saturated fats should be consumed in moderation along with other leaner cuts of meat.

Kyle Cordain
The Paleo Diet Team

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  1. Hi, first of all, excuse me my bad English… I absolutely agree that the (animal) fat is our friend, I deeply believe it since I lost more than 40 LBS with Keto diet succesfully… But I’ve been reading in the book of Mr. Loren Cordain, that people in the paleolithic era consumed LEAN meats, (and basically without salt, although I don’t think so because I believe the “aquatic ape” hypothesis). So, now I do not understand the situation: Did Mr. Loren Cordain change their opinion regarding this “lean meat”? Can we consider that he was wrong formerly, regarding this detail (lean meats, and perhaps even the salt)? Is he prepared to admit his former mistake openly and candidly?
    I would be very happy if “yes”, and then my trust in him would be unbroken and undisturbed! Everybody can make mistaken, it is okay, just then have to admit it…

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  3. I am confused too. I guess Paleo is kinda on the ground floor- There is the historical side that while being interesting and instructive too- My main interest is to be healthy- live life to the fullest- treat this body I was given right. Now where is the manufacturers manual? What kind of fuel is best? There is Weston Price Foundation out there too. Vegetarianism is bunk- Have figured out that much. Grains too are not good. Hard to give up butter. Red Palm Oil? Coconut oil? Vinegar? Dealing with MS here. Would like to see vaccinations dealt with too- Certainly NOT Paleo alright.

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  5. I’m very confused because I just saw an interview where Dr. Cordain said butter, although not paleo, was okay. But isn’t the issue with dairy due to the hormones from the cows? And these hormones are highest in the fat right? Are there not hormones in butter? I’m not talking about cows treated with hormones, the hormones that are naturally in dairy. Thoughts anyone?

    • The hormones are highest predominantely in the protein, so making ghee is the best bet. Butter and Ghee are in a grey area in the paleo diet but ghee is superior because of minimal to no hormones in it.

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