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The Healthiest Diet | The Paleo Diet

The fact is that virtually our entire physiologies operate exquisitely when they are functioning in the native human ecological niche in which they evolved –employing both the diet and exercise level of a hunter-gatherer. By contrasting the diets, lifestyles and health of hunter-gatherers to contemporary, westernized societies, we can gain invaluable insight into complex diet/disease related questions. The good news is that you can lose weight, gain more health, and eat food that is delicious – all on The Paleo Diet.

Following is just a sample of testimonials of people who have lost weight AND gained considerable health benefits from following The Paleo Diet:

“After being over weight most of my life at the age of 50, now I have finally found a good Doctor that told me about this diet. Since Dec 27th 2004 until May 9th 2005 I am down about 50 lbs I feel a lot better and I have told others about it as well.” …

“…I’ve been at it since January 1 of this year and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m 46, generally healthy but was overweight; my family were all fat people and I was going that way myself despite being active. Being vegetarian for some years had only made me fatter: I was not a big dessert eater either, just cooking a lot of pasta and rice by habit. So now I’m three sizes smaller, have had to throw away clothes for being too big, some minor nagging skin problems have cleared up – my hair and skin make me look younger than my age now – some incipient aches and pains have vanished, and I have more energy and endurance than I’ve had since my twenties. I’m a graphic designer and was always fighting the forearm and wrist pains that computer people get. Not any more. And I hadn’t expected most of these improvements: they’re all a bonus. Another striking point was how easy the transition was. Friends have asked whether I don’t have to fight off cravings: I don’t. Of course I’m teased sometimes (“isn’t it time you went out and caught something for dinner?”) and occasionally nagged by vegetarians, but it’s worth it. I can’t imagine eating any other way now…”
–Kate M.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! This diet is improving my health tremendously. PLEASE tell Dr. Cordain that everything he wrote in his book is true. I am losing weight effortlessly FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE …”

“I’ve been on the Paleo Diet since May, and I’m down 30 lbs (most of it lost in the first 2 months) and have never been leaner in my life. I can’t stop talking about (it) when I’m with my friends and family when they ask how good I look. I’ve been evangelizing my Wall Street buddies every time we enjoy a steak house dinner. My acid reflux, IBS, allergies, attitude, and complexion have never been better, and I never go into food coma any more …”
–Rudy T.

“Thank you more than words can ever say for doing this research and for making it public. Over the past 25 years, I have gained 100 lbs & have asked every single doctor that I had been to for help. No one had advice that worked if they bothered to give any at all. I have been doing the paleo diet for 16 days now & have lost already 15 lbs, 1.5″ on my waist & 1.5″ on my hips…”

About The Paleo Diet Team

The Paleo Diet TeamThe Paleo Diet, the world’s healthiest diet, is based upon the fundamental concept that the optimal diet is the one to which we are genetically adapted. The therapeutic effect of The Paleo Diet is supported by both randomized controlled human trials and real-life success stories.

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  1. I have been told that I have candida (yeast)overgrowth and need to change my diet as candida (yeast) thrives on sugar. Would the Paleo Diet be a good fit for me?

    • My understanding of Candida would be NO, Paleo is not a good choice. Candida requires an acid environment to prosper. Paleo does nothing to help you get more basic or more alkaline. You want to eat alkalizing foods to try to eliminate Candida. Try the book PH MIRACLE by Dr. Young to learn more.

  2. This is the healthiest I have ever felt since I got out of Basic training in 1986.

    Since I got out of Basic Training the routine went away and the pounds started to add up.

    I enjoy cooking. Now I enjoy cooking the Paleo way.

    The food is more enjoyable.
    I plan my meals for the week.
    I keep a diary of what I eat everyday.
    I have more energy as when I did when I was in my 20's ( I'm 47yrs old).
    My arthritis pain has gone away. I've been taking Meloxicam (for the pain).
    I don't need it any more.

    Thanks to the Paleo Diet and Crossfitting. I can see myself get to 225lbs. I started at 367lbs 3months ago. Today I'm 305lbs.
    Thank you again for teaching me the proper way to eat.

  3. I was asked to show evidence of my statement via email.

    I have no evidence that early man did not cook his food. It is my belief only.

    I also want to add that I should never have posted you should eat grains and I even ask my last post be removed or at least edit out the statement that you should eat any grains.

    I understand the damage grains IE Gluten

    I also have seen the evidence that as you stated gluten and casein free diet can help many people cure their illnesses.

    Additionally I have read a lot of strong data that shows PH has a very strong effect on health and that we should be eating 80/20 alkaline/acid diet according to researchers. From their info they also claim grains are not healthy.

    My greatest concern and what I should have stated is the way we over eat meat in the society already. I did not even read your book though and I do not even know if you make it clear that any meat you eat must be free range and safely fed animals.

    My fear of the continuing abuse of animals for profit and people hearing Paleo and going to Mcdonalds and not eating the buns is what prompted me to reply. I am not against eating animals when they are treated humanely. Animals have been eating other animals for as long as we exist.

    I will go out and buy a copy of your book and learn more.

    I was recently told even Dr. Mercola believes in some forms of your diet though I was told he feels different people have different needs. That is he says some people need animal protein.

    Lastly with GMO becoming bigger and bigger agriculture is simply getting worse.

  4. I assume they died from many reasons besides food issues. Wild animals, living outside, fights with other people are all the more likely reasons that life would be shortened.

    Do they really know how long Paleo era man lived.

    The most obvious insanity for me on this Paleo diet though is still the cooking as well as the quality of today's meat versus the meat Paleo man ate. No question they ate raw meat often enough, especially while out on the kill where they would likely drink the blood from their kills and eat the organ meat as it would likely go bad quickly. RAW and full of enzymes. It is nothing like your Paleo diet.

    To write a book telling people to eat meat and eggs and vegetables and no grains and give the reason because early man had no agriculture is ludicrous.

    And to have people claiming they lost weight is equally ridiculous. You can lose weight eating sawdust but you would never do it so why do this??

    You really want to lose weight eat a diet of 50% vegetables and 30% whole grains. MUST BE WHOLE GRAINS. If you must eat meat let it be under 15% of your diet.

    Like Paleo man had a choice of vegetables and fruits is also ludicrous. Not much variation is in an area of walking distance…… And where did he get all these eggs you suggest eating.

    Please show us just one person that is healthy and is eating Paleo all his life. Someone that has lived past 80 such as people in Okinawa Japan that eat grains and vegetables and have the longest lifespan on the planet.

  5. My question is more like; If the Paleo diet *was* so healthy back in the stone age, why was the life expectancy something like 38 years? I can believe that it makes a person feel good to eat what the body evolved to eat, just wondering if that was always the best things for said body?

  6. I would love to see a place on your site , which NO DIET sites have, that has a listing of people healthy eating your diet for 5 or more YEARS.

    Plenty of people say mostly and they lost weight etc. But how many people actually stick 100% to this diet.

    Also what I really do not see is any discussion of eating RAW meat. Are raw vegetables discussed.

    Wouldn't ancient man have eaten most of the foods RAW getting the enzymes we all seem to be missing.

    It seems that a Natural Grazing animal from 15000 years ago had a diet 100 times healthier than the best meat of today. So how can they really be compared?

    The diets of the animals you are suggesting we eat are so poor that their resulting meat must be equally poor.

    Additionally I also cannot believe they ate even 1/10th the amount of meat you suggest. I know you brought up some findings but they only show that one group ate more meat. I believe most people could not even catch meat. Fish is more likely if they lived near the water or streams but I believe MOST people ate what they could find themselves walking around and meat was rare.

  7. I've been on the paleo diet for a while now. Absolutely love it, will never go back to any other way of eating.

    The benefits are just far too good to give it all up.

  8. Hi Friends,
    I felt good after reading your stories and yes where there is a will there is a way.
    Am looking for some advice here….can anyone tell me what does the "Paleo" consist of??I am really working hard on loosing weight but in vain.Can anyone please help me??

  9. I've been mostly Paleo for several months now and feel wonderful. I've recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and I don't want to take the prescription that was given to me – Fosomax. Will the Paleo lifestyle help me reverse my osteoporosis?

  10. I lost 30 lbs in three months on this diet and I wont ever change it. The food is great, its easy to follow, and the other stuff that is not allowed on the diet just makes me feel worse. I take enzymes, probiotics, and multis as well. Havent been sick yet, got rid of an aggravating cough and I have more mental and physical stamina. Best choice Ive made in a long time.

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