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Testimonial: The Healthiest Diet

By The Paleo Diet Team
April 7, 2011
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The fact is that virtually our entire physiologies operate exquisitely when they are functioning in the native human ecological niche in which they evolved –employing both the diet and exercise level of a hunter-gatherer. By contrasting the diets, lifestyles and health of hunter-gatherers to contemporary, westernized societies, we can gain invaluable insight into complex diet/disease related questions. The good news is that you can lose weight, gain more health, and eat food that is delicious - all on The Paleo Diet®.

Following is just a sample of testimonials of people who have lost weight AND gained considerable health benefits from following The Paleo Diet:

"After being over weight most of my life at the age of 50, now I have finally found a good Doctor that told me about this diet. Since Dec 27th 2004 until May 9th 2005 I am down about 50 lbs I feel a lot better and I have told others about it as well." ...

"...I've been at it since January 1 of this year and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm 46, generally healthy but was overweight; my family were all fat people and I was going that way myself despite being active. Being vegetarian for some years had only made me fatter: I was not a big dessert eater either, just cooking a lot of pasta and rice by habit. So now I'm three sizes smaller, have had to throw away clothes for being too big, some minor nagging skin problems have cleared up - my hair and skin make me look younger than my age now - some incipient aches and pains have vanished, and I have more energy and endurance than I've had since my twenties. I'm a graphic designer and was always fighting the forearm and wrist pains that computer people get. Not any more. And I hadn't expected most of these improvements: they're all a bonus. Another striking point was how easy the transition was. Friends have asked whether I don't have to fight off cravings: I don't. Of course I'm teased sometimes ("isn't it time you went out and caught something for dinner?") and occasionally nagged by vegetarians, but it's worth it. I can't imagine eating any other way now..."
--Kate M.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! This diet is improving my health tremendously. PLEASE tell Dr. Cordain that everything he wrote in his book is true. I am losing weight effortlessly FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE ..."

"I've been on the Paleo Diet since May, and I'm down 30 lbs (most of it lost in the first 2 months) and have never been leaner in my life. I can't stop talking about (it) when I'm with my friends and family when they ask how good I look. I've been evangelizing my Wall Street buddies every time we enjoy a steak house dinner. My acid reflux, IBS, allergies, attitude, and complexion have never been better, and I never go into food coma any more ..."
--Rudy T.

"Thank you more than words can ever say for doing this research and for making it public. Over the past 25 years, I have gained 100 lbs & have asked every single doctor that I had been to for help. No one had advice that worked if they bothered to give any at all. I have been doing the paleo diet for 16 days now & have lost already 15 lbs, 1.5" on my waist & 1.5" on my hips..."

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Trevor Connor
Trevor Connor

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Mark J Smith
Dr. Mark J. Smith

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Nell Stephenson

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Loren Cordain
Dr. Loren Cordain

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