The Paleo Diet February Digest – Saying Farewell

Happy Spring Paleo Diet Readers!

February was a sad time at The Paleo Diet with the passing of one of the pioneers of the Paleo Diet and a close friend – Dr. Staffan Lindeberg. So, it’s only appropriate that our feature article is a moving tribute by Pedro Bastos, Dr. Lindeberg’s final Ph.D. student.

Along with the tribute we also brought you our usual postings of practical nutrition advice, recipes, and interesting new science to live a healthy Paleo lifestyle. This month we took on the challenges of Valentine’s Day with recipes for a five course Paleo meal to share with a loved one and even advice on how to have your chocolate and eat it to! Christopher Clark lets you know how to get enough B vitamins in your diet and of course both Nell and Jane share their regular monthly posts.

We hope a little Paleo reading helped you get through the winter months!

Dr Staffan Lindeberg

Staffan Lindeberg (1950-2016) and His Legacy

By Pedro Bastos, MS (PhD Candidate)

Dr. Staffan Lindeberg was a pioneer of the Paleo diet as well as a wonderful colleague and friend. This tribute was written for The Paleo Diet website by his Ph.D. student Pedro Bastos. Dr. Lindeberg would have been 67 on February 22nd this year.

Articles from February

Fad Diets vs. Long Term Lifestyles | The Paleo Diet

Nell’s Corner: Global Paleo

By Nell Stephenson

Take a step back and think about what an authentic Paleo approach is really all about. It’s eating foods which grow locally, seasonally, and in balance (leafy green plants and wild animals), which are easily and readily available to us in our farmer’s markets, health food stores, and even in our own back yards.

Valentines Day Meal

A Menu to Celebrate your Valentine’s Day the Paleo Way

By Lorrie Cordain

Preparing for a special day with your loved ones almost always includes a thoughtfully planned and beautifully presented meal.  At The Paleo Diet, we designed a healthy and delicious dinner to celebrate the treasured people in your lives. Enjoy this five-course meal plan prepared just for you by Lorrie Cordain.

Chocolate Covered Walnuts | The Paleo Diet

Happy Valentine’s Day: Enjoy Your Dark Chocolate Treats

By Kyle Cordain

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate. But what might surprise you is that chocolate (or at least mostly cocoa dark chocolate) may not be as un-Paleo as you think. Read all about the history of chocolate and how to enjoy it without having to feel guilty when you wake up on February 15th.

Get Your B Vitamins

Five Practical Tips for Getting Your B Vitamins

By Christopher James Clark, B.B.A.

While concentrating on The Paleo Diet’s exclusion of cereals and legumes, some of which provide healthy amounts of B vitamins, critics glaze over the many Paleo-compliant foods that are rich in B vitamins. As you can see in this article, the Paleo diet, when done correctly, supplies all your B vitamin needs and more.

Paleo Statistics Preview

Enjoy Some Stats, Tips, and Topics from The Paleo Diet Team!

By Jane Dizon

Did you know that The Paleo Diet was the most searched diet on Google in 2013? Our newest regular contributor to The Paleo Diet shares a few stats you may never have known about the diet including just how many Americans are part of the community and how long it takes to experience the benefits.

Coming Up This Month at The Paleo Diet

Expect to see your regular monthly posts including Nell’s Corner, Jane’s Infographic and new recipes from Lorrie Cordain. In addition, this month a series of articles will address recent research on wheat and the gluten-free diet trend.

As always, our team appreciates your support for The Paleo Diet. We look forward to and encourage your feedback on our website and Facebook!

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