The Paleo Diet August Digest – Revisiting Some Dietary Bad Guys

Looking Back On August 

Welcome Paleo Diet readers to our first monthly digest! This is your chance to catch up on the many great articles written by our team on topics we think you’ll find interesting.

In August, some exciting new research and Dr Cordain’s continual quest to find the dietary answers to optimal health led us to revisit a few of those dietary bad guys we can all do without. Perhaps most exciting is new research on two of the biggest culprits – a study showing wheat sensitivity has true immunological consequences and another addressing sugar addiction.

But that wasn’t all. Dr Cordain answered reader’s questions about the health consequences of sea salt. He also addressed why you need to know what AGEs (advanced glycated end-products) are and more importantly why you should avoid them.

We hope you enjoy!

Sugar 1Is Sugar Addictive?

by Casey Thaler

Do you ever wonder why your body sometimes craves sugar? Sugar is likely the most over consumed substance in the modern world and its overconsumption may very well be killing us. Here’s an explanation as to why your body is asking you for sugar and what it’s doing to your overall well-being.



Revisiting Sea Salt: Dr. Cordain Responds to a Reader’s Comment

by Loren Cordain, PhD

An ingredient as natural as sea salt should be a staple in Paleo Diet, right? Salt, and particularly sea salt, is probably the number one ingredient that is being included in the Paleo template by many in the community, that we feel should not be, at least with regard to the amount. Dr. Cordain responds to a comprehensive comment made regarding the article, “Sea Salt: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”. Click here to read the full exchange.


Wheat Sensitivity: A New Study Shows It’s Not in Your Head, It’s in Your Gut

by Trevor Connor, MS

Wheat sensitivity has remained an elusive condition that gets you shooed out of most doctor’s offices just for the mere mention of it. But a recently published study shows that not only is the condition real, clear biomarkers have been identified for the first time. These markers paint a picture of intestinal damage and systemic immune inflammation for sufferers of the condition.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.42.57 PM

One More for the Ages: Dr Cordain Responds to Reader’s Questions About Advanced Glycated End-Products

by Loren Cordain, PhD

It seems like every day there’s a new recommendation for what is considered “healthy”. These debates are usually centered around things like glycemic index, caloric balance, and other coin terms most of us have heard of. But sometimes it’s what we don’t know – or at least what few know – that’s important. One example is Advanced Glycated End Products or AGEs. Still new and not well understood within the nutrition world, these molecules can have a big impact on our health. And they are found in our food. Loren Cordain, PhD explained AGEs in a recent post, but you our readers asked for more.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.53.20 AM

Obesity in the Palaeolithic: The Odd Case of the Venus Figurines

By Loren Cordain, PhD

You are probably aware of the fact that obesity is on the rise in America. In fact, the latest National Institute of Health ( survey indicates that 68.8 % of all American adults are overweight or obese. Which begs the question, how did non-westernized hunter-gathers BMI compare to that of today’s society?


Seven Warm and Sensational Paleo Indian Recipes to Spice Up Your Life

by guest writer Alfie Mueeth

Think you’re limited in what you can eat on a Paleo Diet? Looking longingly while you drive by those Indian restaurants you used to frequent? Just because you’re on a Paleo Diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy many of those recipes you used to love… just with a few modifications. In his new post, guest writer Alfie Mueeth shares seven Paleo-friendly Indian recipes that will have you coming back for more!


The Top Five Reader Comments of July

by the Paleo Diet Editorial Board

You, our readers, are what keep website going. Your comments and responses let us know what you’re thinking and what you’d like to hear about. Every month we take the time to read all of your posts and try to reply to your questions. While we get many great comments, we are selecting five from each month that we think are interesting and should be shared with all of you. Here’s our top five for July. Keep the comments and questions coming!

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