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The Paleo Diet Blog Top 10

By The Paleo Diet Team
May 27, 2015

The Paleo Diet Top 10


Are Potatoes Paleo?

I have noticed in the last few years that many Paleo Dieters believe that potatoes can be regularly consumed without any adverse health effects. Part of this misinformation seems to stem from writers of blogs and others who are unfamiliar with the scientific literature regarding potatoes. So should we be eating potatoes or not? Continue reading...
]Beans and Legumes: Are They Paleo? | The Paleo Diet]

Beans and Legumes: Are They Paleo?

A few days ago I was delighted to learn that Dr. Oz was going to again feature The Paleo Diet on his nationally syndicated television show along with one of my co-authors, Nell Stephenson, ofThe Paleo Diet Cookbook. I tuned into the Dr. Oz show and was happy about most of what I saw except for Chris Kresser. Continue reading...
]Paleo Banana Pancakes | The Paleo Diet]

Paleo Banana Pancakes

Substituting non-Paleo favorites is always tricky, but Banana Pancakes are one of my favorite things to eat! You can also do this with a grated apple too. Enjoy and look forward to breakfast the Paleo way as much as I do! Continue reading...
]Bacon: Is There Anything Less To Discuss? | The Paleo Diet]

Bacon: Is There Anything Left to Discuss?

Over the past few years, craze over bacon has surged in the Paleo community, but is it Paleo or isn’t it? It seems like just about every bacon issue under the sun has been argued, discussed and disputed on Paleo blogs, websites and cookbooks. Continue reading...
]Is Coffee Paleo? | The Paleo Diet]

Coffee: Is it Paleo?

Many people who switch to The Paleo Diet often find themselves questioning their ritual morning cup of coffee. With roughly 90% of the North American population consuming coffee on a daily basis you’re left wondering if coffee is acceptable on your Paleo menu. Continue reading...
]Ultimate Antioxidant Paleo Breakfast Bowl | The Paleo Diet]

Ultimate Antioxidant Paleo Breakfast Bowl

August 3 – 9 marks the USDA’s 15th Annual National Farmers Market Week. With over 7,800 farmers markets, (up 67% since 2008!), shopping and supporting local is not only encouraged, but also nutritious. Continue reading...
]Habitual Marijuana Use and The Paleo Diet]

Habitual Marijuana Use and the Paleo Diet: What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been

Last month I had the pleasure to lecture on the Paleo Diet in Sydney, Australia at the BioCeuticals Research Symposium. After my presentation a couple who appeared to be in their late 40s to early 50s approached the podium. Continue reading...
]Is Quinoa Paleo? | The Paleo Diet]

Is Quinoa Paleo?

This is Millie, I have a masters in Kin Ex science CSULB, I am a fitness coordinator at Boeing Long Beach, Ca, and teach yoga at CSULB & the LB fitness center. My husband has M.S…I started ‘us’ on the Paleo diet 5 months ago… We have experienced amazing results! Continue reading...
]Vegetarian and Vega Diets: Nutritional Disasters Part 1 | The Paleo Diet]

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets: Nutritional Disasters Part 1

Over the years since the publication of my first book, I have been asked time and again if there is a vegetarian version of The Paleo Diet. I’ve got to say emphatically – No! Vegetarian diets are a bit of a moving target because they come in at least three major versions. Continue reading...
]Vitamin and Mineral Supplements | The Paleo Diet]

Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements Increase Chronic Disease Morbidity (Incidence) and Mortality (Death)

When you start eating Paleo, you simply won’t require vitamin or mineral supplements. If you choose to take antioxidant and/or B vitamins, you will increase your risk of cancer, heart disease and dying.Continue reading...

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Trevor Connor
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Dr. Mark Smith

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Dr. Loren Cordain

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