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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Congratulations to the winner of The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook Giveaway, Karla! Thanks for sharing your inspired journey with us!

“I began the Paleo Diet with my daughter January 8, 2013 and within 2 weeks I had more energy, my mind felt clearer, I no longer had constant sinus drainage and nasal stuffiness, my digestive problems resolved and I didn’t feel bloated. I then segued to the autoimmune protocol due to having Rheumatoid Arthritis and my SED rate dropped dramatically (per lab tests) to the point where I went off Methotrexate (which wasn’t working anyway) and didn’t have to go on Humira. I virtually eliminated my R.A. joint pain and swelling.

My daughter who was 17 at time experienced loss of belly fat, more energy and though she had been on Solodyn for her acne for years, never really eliminating it, she experienced a dramatic reduction of her acne for the first time. But the most amazing change she experienced was no longer having exercise induced asthma, which was huge since she is a competition dancer and had to use an inhaler 30 minutes prior to dancing but still had the fear of experiencing an attack. The Paleo Diet gave her freedom and gave me a life back.”


Paleo Diet Lowers Blood Sugar

Hello Dr. Cordain!

My name is Chuck Mullen. I am a 63 year old man, and have been active in sports all my life! In May of 2014, I had a routine visit with my doctor. Although I have always looked healthy, I wasn’t feeling right. My blood work revealed that my blood sugar was 300, and my A1C was 12. Oh, by the way, my blood pressure was 160/100. My doctor immediately put me on insulin and gave me medicine to normalize my blood pressure. I was devastated to say the least! A friend of mine told me about your book, The Paleo Diet, so I immediately ordered it. I have been naive for 62 and a half years in my eating. I am a teaching tennis pro and would drink gallons of sports drinks and eat lots of carbs. Boy, have I been wrong!I am very disciplined; I do not drink, or smoke and never have. I started on the Paleo Diet within the week.

I was off the insulin and the blood pressure medicine! I became a fanatic about checking my blood glucose levels, which were back to normal. I had a follow up appointment six weeks later with my doctor. When I went in, his nurse took all my vitals and ran a blood test. My doctor came in and sat down, looked at the numbers and said, “looks like the insulin is working…” My blood sugar dropped to 104. I said I had not taken any insulin in four weeks. After shaking his head in disbelief, he said your blood pressure medicine is working fine, 116/70. I mentioned I wasn’t taking that either. He thought I was joking! “What are you doing, then?” I told him about the Paleo Diet, and shaking his head again, he said, “You were a full blown diabetic six weeks ago, and now your normal without medicine!” He ran another test to check my A1C, which dropped to 7 from 12. Again in disbelief, he said that if they can drop the A1C and sugar in six weeks with meds by 1 point, it’s considered a success.

It’s amazing what doctors don’t know; but if one doctor wants to learn, perhaps others do as well. You probably saved my life, Dr. Cordain! By the way, the girls say I look 15 years younger! I weigh what I weighed when I graduated high school in 1970. I am looking forward to the next 50 years! Thanks again.


Mary Maginnis | The Paleo Diet

2014 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta Championship Women’s Single Champion

Dear Professor Cordain,

My name is Mary Maginnis, I am a Paleo athlete training for the Olympics, and I am writing to thank you for your work, The Paleo Diet for Athletes.

To offer you some background: I began rowing in high school and continued my career on the Division I level at Harvard. Although I was always on the shorter and leaner side for a rower, I spent these first eight years of my rowing career competing as a heavyweight. I was lucky that I was able to find as much success in that weight category considering my size, but I knew that if I wanted to continue rowing on the elite level, I would have to make the switch to lightweight.

To be clear, I spent most of my rowing career eating as anti-paleo as possible. I abhorred most vegetables, and I viewed pizza and cheeseburgers as the best-tasting foods (and I admit that I still think that they–retrospectively–taste awesome).

While I considered training full-time after college, I was instead initially drawn to a corporate position in New York City. I certainly gained a lot from this experience, but I knew after the first six months of work that I was giving up my only opportunity to achieve my long-standing Olympic dream. Corporate life will always be there for me, but competing in the Olympics is only achievable for a limited period of time. I left New York in the beginning of March and began training full-time as a lightweight in Philadelphia with a high performance group.

The switch to lightweight necessitated a change in how I viewed food. It made me especially conscious of how and when I was fueling my body. At this point, I had already been on the Paleo Diet for almost a year; my mother and brother had been Paleo for some time and inspired that change in my eating. “Being Paleo” not only made losing weight much easier in the transition from heavyweight to lightweight, but it also positively affected my energy levels and my performance. I noticed that I felt better most of the time while I was training compared to how I had felt throughout high school and college. I knew that the Paleo Diet was positively affecting my speed, and I became eager to learn more about how diet can affect athletic performance.

After doing some research online, I came across The Paleo Diet for Athletes and picked up a copy from a local Barnes and Noble. Since reading it, I have been able to make the Paleo Diet work to my athletic advantage even more. Understanding, specifically, what my body needs and when, has had an incredible impact on my training and performance.

In what has been only my first season competing as a lightweight and on the elite level, I have, to the surprise of many, managed to put myself in contention for this year’s national team. I am beginning to see my Olympic dream as more of a potential reality, and I certainly have you to thank in part for that. When asked what the “secret” to my speed is, my response always includes a recommendation to read your work.

Reading your work and implementing it in my own life has also inspired a passion in me for the cross between food and fitness. Too many of my fellow elite rowers take food for granted as fuel. I firmly believe that diet can be what I like to call “free speed,” and I am interested in learning more and inspiring others to make this change in perspective. As I train for the Olympics, I am hoping to involve myself in this in some capacity professionally and/or academically, whether that be through research, study, or otherwise.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough how significantly your work has influenced my life. Thank you for giving me a competitive edge, and thank you for helping put me on the track to achieving my goals.

Kind regards,

Mary Maginnis
Elite Rower Champion


Multiple Sclerosis Stymied with The Paleo Diet

Dr. Cordain,

I went Paleo after watching Dr. Cordain’s lectures on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the summer of 2012. I’ve had MS since 1991, but was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), as well, in 2012. The RA was reversed in 6 months, and the MS is currently being stymied, too! After 19 years of injections, I can’t even begin to explain what it was like to stop AND get better!

My parents went Paleo, too, so I’m always sending them fun information, recipes, books and the like. I started my website, www.incurablyrude.com, to share my experiences and hopefully help others, providing my thoughts on health, disability, Paleo, and life from a former scientist with MS and RA.

Thank you all for what you do. It is truly changing people’s lives!

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Depression and Anxiety | The Paleo Diet

Dr. Cordain,

I’m 36 years old, and 5 ft 8.5 in tall. I started the Paleo Diet about four months ago. Since then I’ve lost almost 25 pounds, bringing me down to my ideal weight of 150. My blood pressure went from 115/70 to 92/56. I decided to try the Paleo Diet because I read (on About.com) that it may help alleviate depression and anxiety. To my delight, it worked – my depression and anxiety have disappeared. My energy levels are much higher than before. I’m no longer tired throughout the day. My mind is clearer – I can focus much more easily, and my short-term memory has improved greatly. My skin is much smoother and less dry. Another improvement that I’ve found, which is kind of strange to me because I never expected it, is that my shinbones are no longer really sensitive. It used to be that if I barely bumped my shinbones against something, the pain was quite bad. Now they’re hardly sensitive at all.


Cancer Treatment | The Paleo Diet

Your book was recommended to me by a certified nutritionist/pharmacist, who has known me since 1990. May 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer-infiltrating, T1, node negative. I had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. I was cancer free until March 2004 when it returned to my spine, the L-1 disk. After weekly rounds of chemotherapy for six months at Duke University, followed up with five weeks of radiation, I was finally in remission. Tumor markers on April 8 were 89.6. By December 15 they had dropped to 22.

Every three weeks I receive Herceptin and Zometa every three months. Since December 15 until May 21, we noticed a trend of my tumor markers rising: 22 to 28.4.

After talking with my certified nutritionist/pharmacist, who knows of all the drugs I am on, he recommended your diet. I started it immediately on May 26. My latest tumor marker of July 21 was 26. I am looking forward to the next tumor marker test in early September to see if this downward trend continues. I am convinced that sugar negatively affects my body and probably feeds the cancer. In addition, I have lost 12 pounds of the 25 pounds that I put on due to chemotherapy and radiation. I am 5’11” and weighed 163 prior to my first cancer treatment in 2001. I am now 10 pounds from my goal.

Thank you for a succinctly written book.


Danish Paleo Meals | The Paleo Diet

I would like to let you know how much I appreciate your book, recently translated into Danish. I have just read the book, and I have begun to adjust my daily meals to the Paleo diet – slowly but every day increasing the proportion of Danish Paleo food versus ordinary Danish food.

I have tried other diets, but none with a content so delicious, and which is so obviously natural to eat. One of the things that I have observed during the past weeks after I have begun to shift some of my meals to “Paleo,” is a tremendous reduction of my previous interest in “goodies,” cakes, bread, pasta, and rice. It seems like the craving is gone, and I can walk past any bakery shop without any feelings of loss.

Again, thanks for your book.


Molecular Biology | The Paleo Diet

Dr. Cordain,

I’ve read your book The Paleo Diet and many, but not all of your posted PDF articles. I find your work and those of your colleagues compelling. There is so much we don’t know in the area you are defining. Yours is very important work.

I’m recuperating on a medical leave from NYU after a successful angioplasty and stent – in the nick of time – that opened a total blockage of my right coronary artery, at the end of January, that was precipitated by excessive use of a snow shovel! Hence, I’m more than interested in the papers on your web site for two important reasons: (1) eating appropriately from this point onward; and (2) introducing some of your material into the metabolism section of our biochemistry course. I also teach the molecular biology section as well. Your book will save and extend many lives.

Prof. Gene C. Lavers, Ph.D.

Testimonial | The Paleo Diet

Dr. Cordain,

The reason for my writing is that I wanted to mention to you that I belong to a Paleo Diet ­Experimentation group. I like to think of it as a modern day’s book club for women. It is a core group of three women and we gather at someone’s home and the host is required to pick a Paleo meal that looks interesting and the rest of us figure out the techniques and prepare it. The host supplies all the ingredients, sets the table, and after the meal, all are required to clean up to leave the host with NO mess, as if nobody was there.

Since we have some experienced cooks and some novices, it makes it fun since the novices are excited to learn something new and the more seasoned cooks are excited to share their knowledge. Last week was Mediterranean and this week from the Paleo book, we are having Mexican. Husbands/boyfriends are invited, nobody is left out, it just all depends on people’s schedules. Paleo is not passive, here. We are practicing it and making it exciting! From meatballs, to ragouts, outstanding salad dressings, Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern… limitations only exist with one’s imagination.


Dietary Protocol for Life | The Paleo Diet

Dear Dr. Cordian,

I had all the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and my life had become a living nightmare (an Iridologist confirmed my suspicions.) I was afraid to leave my home and suffered for seven years. I tried everything I came across on the web, and by some miracle, I heard about the Paleo Diet. It saved my health. My symptoms have abated. In addition, my skin no longer breaks out and my fingernails are in much better shape. I am so very grateful. Thank you for sharing this important information with the public. I refused to take any prescription medication for this condition, and I’m so glad I did not. I plan to continue this dietary protocol for the rest of my life. THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!


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