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As the world comes to terms with the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, a great deal of misinformation is appearing on the Internet that both over-hypes, in some cases, and under-emphasizes, in others, the impact of the virus. So, we at The Paleo Diet® want to address our readers’ concerns in the best way we know how: through a sound understanding of the science.

There are no physicians or experts of virology, epidemiology, or public health on our staff; therefore, we do not feel it is our place to try and educate you on these topics. However, we are scientists, and as we do with any issue that we are not experts in, we turn to other more informed researchers and practitioners to help us better comprehend an issue.

In that light, we want to direct you to other sources, both scientists and journalists, whom we trust, for more information on the coronavirus, generally, and on the proper response and the appropriate precautions to take.

We will add to this list as more information becomes available. And stay tuned for more from The Paleo Diet in the coming days on how you can continue to eat healthy even if food supplies are low in your area. We’ll also write about the best lifestyle choices to optimize your immune system in these challenging times.

Be well.

For reliable basic information on COVID-19, we recommend:

For a list of the things you should and should not do, see WebMD’s page.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has the latest information here.

Johns Hopkins has provided a sophisticated global tracker. Just remember, testing is ramping up to effectively fight the disease. That’s going to rapidly increase confirmed cases as well.

For issues specific to children and mothers.

The New York Times has an overview of the disease and its potential to spread.

The New York Times has also created an interactive graphic that helps explain why slowing the spread of the infection is nearly as important as stopping it.


If you want to stay informed on the deeper science of COVID-19, we recommend:

For the latest research news, visit the Science Daily virus portal

For news from one of the most well-respected peer-reviewed journals, check out the coverage provided by Nature. 

Another trusted source for peer-reviewed information, Elsevier, has created a comprehensive coronavirus information center. 

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