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Coffee isn’t Paleo. However, it is a beverage that frequently even diehard Paleo-followers do not want to remove from their daily routine. Many of us are going to consume it regardless of whether there are any health benefits or not. Well the good news is that there is now a significant body of recent research on coffee indicating that any negatives may well be outweighed by positives creating a potential zero sum scenario. And as we wrote about recently, for some the benefits may even tip the scales. Of course, there’s a great deal of individual variability so everyone should monitor how its consumption affects them. It should also be said that the benefits may well be best realized with moderate consumption rather than drinking your Java all day long.

In the end, there’s enough positive research for us to feel confident putting coffee into your 15% non-Paleo consumption with a clean conscience knowing that it may even provide you some health benefits previously not realized. And where your source your coffee from can affect the strength of those benefits. So that’s why we’ve decided to partner with Stay Roasted to provide you an easy solution to get the best coffee for those that still want that morning cup of Joe along with their Paleo meal plan.

Here’s what you should look for when buying coffee:

Quality – Go with ‘Specialty’ grade.
This is a category of coffee where licensed coffee graders have distinguished the beans as being of the highest quality – having little to no defects.

Sustainably Sourced – Includes USDA certified organic or passively organic coffee beans.
Not all farmers, importers or roasters are able to take on the expense of certification. This is understandable and thankfully most coffees in the specialty category meet the mark on sustainability. If you’re still unsure, find out from the roaster how they source and roast their beans.

Freshness – Always buy freshly roasted whole beans.
Think of pre-ground coffee like a finely diced apple sitting out on the counter. It goes stale fast! All of that surface area allows for rapid oxidation and dissipation of volatile flavor compounds. Always buy within days of roasting and grind your beans right before you brew.

Prefer Decaffeinated Coffee? – Look for ‘water processed’ decaffeinated coffees.
Traditional decaffeinated coffees (i.e. chemically decaffeinated coffees) have their caffeine removed with chemical solvents, which can leave residual amounts of chemicals in the final product. Stay Roasted only allows its roasters to support decaf offerings that are water processed, specialty-grade and roasted fresh to order.

So what do you do if you don’t have a local coffee roaster to help you navigate through all of these factors?

Well Stay Roasted’s coffee delivery service takes care of this for you and we have been impressed with their format. They’ve organized a network of over 40 of America’s top specialty coffee roasters (including several USDA certified organic roasters) into one convenient delivery service.

Here’s how it works…

FIRST: You set some basic preferences.
You set the amount and frequency of your coffee deliveries as well as your preferred style and roast level (This is how your roasters match you up with coffees you’ll love – TIP: One bag per person on a biweekly schedule is a great place to start.)

THEN: You choose your roasters.
Their “Roaster Lineup” feature lets you queue up any of the 40+ craft coffee roasters you want to try just like a music playlist – setting the order you want them to send your beans. The roaster on top hand-selects your beans according to your preferences and delivers them directly to you fresh. When it’s time for a refill, your next roaster is queued and ready.

Some important considerations that make Stay Roasted an easy choice to try:

  • There is no commitment & no membership fees.
  • You can stop and start deliveries, change your preferences, and update delivery amount any time you want in just a few clicks.
  • The price works out to only 60¢ to 75¢ per brewed cup.

Exclusive Offer from the Paleo Diet Team

So the folks over at Stay Roasted have come up with an exclusive offer that we’re really excited to share with you. When you sign up for Stay Roasted today, you get:

Your first 12 oz. bag of freshly roasted coffee FREE
An extra 15% off your first delivery on any additional bags
And you pay only $3.97 shipping

So get your FREE 12oz bag of freshly roasted coffee beans from Stay Roasted here.

The Paleo Diet Team

P.S. If you’ve never ground your own beans at home, it makes a huge difference in freshness and flavor. Start with a simple, cheap blade grinder from the grocery store or Amazon. If you decide to upgrade to a fancier model, you can repurpose it for grinding spices for cooking.

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