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Slow Scleraderma With Paleo | The Paleo Diet

Dr. Cordain,

I have been following The Paleo diet for over two years and have achieved great success. I live in the greater Los Angeles area and was diagnosed with scleraderma over eight years ago. The disease is fast moving to harden the skin and internal organs. Two rheumatologists and one cardiologist have been following my progress or lack thereof. Two years ago my sister-in-law, a nutritionist familiar with the diet recommended it based on hers and my brother’s success. I started cold turkey on June 20, 2004 after advising my doctors of my decision. After two weeks there was marked improvement in my skin and nails. I continued to gain energy and lose weight. My goal was to feel better and that has certainly been achieved. I weighed over 225 when I began and have continued to lose weight down to 147. One doctor told me at the start that I would probably reach a plateau somewhere near my weight in my 20’s.

This is a way of life for me and my husband and I will never knowingly eat any other way. When scleraderma was diagnosed my pulmonary function was tested at less than 50%. Last week I was tested and reported normal (for age 69). I would like to improve more and will continue my 2 mile walks and other exercise to do so. My rheumatologists were very pleased with my progress and they spent a long time last week examining me and brought in three other doctors working with them to ask me questions and check me out.

I will be happy to answer any questions regarding my progress and share my story. I am not cured of the autoimmune disorder but this way of eating really makes it manageable. We are starting a two-month road trip in our RV next week so e-mail will be my method of correspondence for a while. Thanks for your time.


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