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Current News

Each day, new research brings us a greater understanding of the complexities of nutrition science. We pay attention to these scientific trends and breakthroughs because we understand that science is the key to bolstering and, sometimes, refining the fundamental principles of The Paleo Diet®.

Weight Loss Study Underscores Differences Between Fad Diets and Long-Term Lifestyles

A misleading study claims fad diets are most effective for weight loss, but long-term adherence to The Paleo Diet will provide you with optimal health.

By Christopher Clark
The Dark Side of the Food Industry

The ills of the food industry are vast, but no one in the food industry bats an eye at our skyrocketing healthcare costs. Can the Paleo community help?

By Casey Thaler
Paleo Diet Linked to Decreased Colorectal Cancer

Adhering to The Paleo Diet is linked to decreased risk of colorectal cancer, a new study suggests.

By Christopher Clark
Paleo Detractors Half-Baked Criticisms

Public triumphs of Paleo Diet successes continue to threaten the antiquated low fat, high carbohydrate diets still officially endorsed by the government.

By Christopher Clark
Why National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month Needs the Paleo Community

One-third of US children and adolescents are either overweight or obese and during the past 30 years obesity has more than doubled among children.

By Christopher Clark
The Toxins Lurking in Our Food

Avoiding processed foods, artificial ingredients, and excessive pesticides and herbicides is at the very least prudent, to avoid storing toxins in the body.

By William Lagakos, Ph.D.
Long Term Scientific Verification of The Paleo Diet

We have the scientific long term 2 Year Randomized Controlled Trial to show The Paleo Diet to be superior health wise to low fat high carbohydrate diets

By Loren Cordain, Ph.D.
2014 Rebuttal to U.S. News and World Reports Diet Ratings

Read the 2014 Rebuttal to U.S. News and World Reports Diet Ratings. Browse The Paleo Diet® website for the latest Paleo Diet news, recipes & more!

By Loren Cordain, Ph.D.
The Paleo Diet Accredited Programs & Curricula

Interested in learning more about The Paleo Diet® accredited programs & curricula? Read our blog to learn more! The Paleo Diet® offers news & recipes!

By The Paleo Diet® Team
We address a study linking Omega-3 fatty acids to prostate cancer

A recent study claimed that consuming high levels omega-3 fatty acids are linked to prostate cancer. The Paleo Diet® team addresses this claim.

By The Paleo Diet® Team
Europe's First Paleo Restaurant

Learn more about Europe’s first Paleo Restaurant. The Paleo Diet® is your #1 source for Paleo Diet news, Paleo Diet recipes & more. Browse our site today!

By The Paleo Diet® Team
Dr. Cordain's Rebuttal to U.S. News and World Report Top 20 Diets

Looking for The Paleo Diet® food ideas? Be sure to visit our website for the latest & greatest Paleo Diet recipes, articles & more. Check out our blog!

By Loren Cordain, Ph.D.
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Paleo Leadership
Trevor Connor
Trevor Connor

Dr. Loren Cordain’s final graduate student, Trevor Connor, M.S., brings more than a decade of nutrition and physiology expertise to spearhead the new Paleo Diet team.

Mark J Smith
Dr. Mark J. Smith

One of the original members of the Paleo movement, Mark J. Smith, Ph.D., has spent nearly 30 years advocating for the benefits of Paleo nutrition.

Nell Stephenson
Nell Stephenson

Ironman athlete, mom, author, and nutrition blogger Nell Stephenson has been an influential member of the Paleo movement for over a decade.

Loren Cordain
Dr. Loren Cordain

As a professor at Colorado State University, Dr. Loren Cordain developed The Paleo Diet® through decades of research and collaboration with fellow scientists around the world.