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Dr. Cordain,

I am a 61-year-old female and started the Paleo Diet in Nov 2005 and have been on it ever since. I do indulge in some of the forbidden foods such a coffee with half and half, a habit seemingly impossible to break. It gives me the energy to do the things I want to do, and unless you can give me a formula for getting more energy otherwise, I may be in trouble on that one. I also, after experimenting without or drastically less salt, have added my habitual amounts of salt again. But it is a lot, lot less than the typical American diet, I assure you. Other than that I stick to meat, vegetables and fruit. No dairy, no grains, no legumes, no potatoes. I don’t miss any of it. I switched to canola oil.

So I found an organic farmer in Marine County near San Francisco, near where I live and got a hog, a quarter steer and untold chickens from them. The meat is lean and outstanding. I get fresh caught fish and vegetables from the farmers market as well as organic eggs. My trips to the supermarket are now limited to bananas, half and half and a few what-nots occasionally.

I feel good. Some friends say I am the picture of health. At the start of the diet I weighed 145 lbs, now I weigh 130 lbs and have so for months, regardless of what I eat. I am 5’3″ tall. I would like to weigh less, but have not managed to do so. Food always tastes so good.

By chance last November before I started the diet I had extensive bloodwork done and all the important indicators were normal, as they always have been. So my reason to go on the diet was strictly to lose weight.

I did notice though that I never suffer from indigestion ever now. My husband who is on this diet so, eats toast and butter and jam for breakfast, a gourmet lunch with his colleagues and what I cook for dinner. Even so he has gone from a “hiatal hernia” with daily Mylanta and Prilosec to no problems at all. And he has lost at least 30 lbs. I would like to see him eat better though, but he has the mind of a spoiled child.

I suffer from Rosacea and take medicine daily, but have been very sporadic about that lately and seem to do fine. Maybe the diet is helping.

For a while I did experience daily leg cramps. Once I read one of Loren’s papers on potassium and what contained the most I try to get those vegetables most and throw mushrooms into everything when I have them. And as I said earlier I went back to my normal salt intake, well maybe somewhat less, and lately I have not had those cramps. Once I started eating more mushrooms though and increased my stem and leafy vegetables in place of more fruit it got better instantly. Who knows?

I forgot to mention the most important thing: since I have been on the diet I have been virtually free of almost weekly, random, very debilitating headaches. I feel so free and at this point take it for granted! There used to be day where I just would have to stay in bed, because the headaches were so bad and the doctor always said they were tension headaches. Yes, I get very tense neck muscles – the cause of the arthritis to be sure – but I manage that when I can, yet I think it is the diet that makes the main difference.

Bottom line I like eating the way I do and I will never change as long as I have access to the type of food I mentioned.

Christel Belrichard

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