The Paleo Diet® | Anytime Recipes
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Anytime Recipes

In need of something to nosh on? Plan ahead with recipes for things like deviled eggs or kimchi. Bring them to picnics in the park or save them for your next road trip!

Immunity Cubes

Kick your cold to the curb with our immunity cubes!

By Jess Case
Homemade Almond Milk

Skip the additives and preservatives in store-bought almond milk, make your own!

By Jess Case
Sparkling Pineapple Mojito Mocktail

Switch your plain water routine with this juicy, electrolyte-filled beverage.

By Jess Case
Golden Matcha Latte
Whisk up a quick golden matcha latte with rich coconut milk and spices.
By Jess Case
Watermelon Cucumber Basil Lemonade
It’s easy to get hydrated when you sip on this naturally sweet watermelon lemonade!
By Jess Case
Lemon Rosemary Beet Chips

Toss thin beet slices with aromatic rosemary and bake for a crispy, crunchy replacement for potato chips!

By Jess Case
Brain-Boosting Blueberry Smoothie

Sip your way to brain health with this antioxidant-packed smoothie!

By Jess Case
Strawberry-Lime Iced Tea

Swap plain ice for frozen strawberry-lime cubes for a refreshing twist on your favorite tea, or another Paleo beverage of your choice.

By Lorrie Cordain
Crispy Paleo Zucchini Fritters

Grated zucchini, eggs, and flax meal form a tasty batter that fries up into easy, tasty fritters. Enjoy them hot for a healthy breakfast, appetizer, or snack!

By Jess Case
Golden Milk Smoothie

Blend up this vegan and Paleo smoothie for a tasty anti-inflammatory drink!

By Jess Case
Crispy Asian Cauliflower Bites

These vitamin C-rich cauliflower bites are a healthy Paleo substitute for popcorn and chips. Make a batch for movie-time munching.

By Jennafer Ashley
Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries (5 Ingredients!)

Use your air fryer to achieve perfectly crisp sweet potato fries that only taste like they’re deep-fried!

By Jess Case
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Paleo Leadership
Trevor Connor
Trevor Connor

Dr. Loren Cordain’s final graduate student, Trevor Connor, M.S., brings more than a decade of nutrition and physiology expertise to spearhead the new Paleo Diet team.

Mark J Smith
Dr. Mark J. Smith

One of the original members of the Paleo movement, Mark J. Smith, Ph.D., has spent nearly 30 years advocating for the benefits of Paleo nutrition.

Nell Stephenson
Nell Stephenson

Ironman athlete, mom, author, and nutrition blogger Nell Stephenson has been an influential member of the Paleo movement for over a decade.

Loren Cordain
Dr. Loren Cordain

As a professor at Colorado State University, Dr. Loren Cordain developed The Paleo Diet® through decades of research and collaboration with fellow scientists around the world.