Can Paleo Help Ichthyosis?

Can Paleo Help Ichthyosis? | The Paleo Diet

Dear Loren Cordain/Paleo Diet Team,
I can’t thank you enough for your research. I have been living the Paleo Diet for nearly a year now, and it has completely transformed my life. I had been suffering from Sjogrens syndrome for years, but after starting this diet my symptoms disappeared almost instantly! I will never eat any other way again.

I also have a question. A friend of mine is suffering from ichthyosis. It is a rare disease where skin dries out. It has a genetic cause. Can the Paleo Diet bring relief to people with these type of diseases as well?

Maelán Fontes’ Response:

Ichthyosis Vulgaris has a genetic background. However, our colleague Pedro provided us some information regarding this rare disease. There’s some scant evidence that a gluten-free diet might alleviate symptoms of Ichthyosis, and there appears to be an association with coeliac disease (a gluten-triggered disease).

Folic acid and vitamin D supplementation seems to improve this condition.

There’s a case report of a patient suffering from ichthyosis whose symptoms improved within 6 months of treatment.

Please keep us posted.

Maelán Fontes MS Ph.D. candidate in Medical Sciences at Lund University, Sweden

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  1. I am 54 and have IV. I recently started a fasting diet that recommends the drinking of bone broth. I drink 8 oz a day and have noticed a marked change in my skin. Although, I am still dry – my skin feels like it has more elasticity and the general appearance of my skin has improved with the drinking of the beef bone broth.

  2. I can totally confirm reports above. Have suffered iv since birth, “witchy-hand” was my grade school nick name. When I was in my early 40’s I began paleo diet & also had a hysterectomy. My skin improve drastically. At first I thought it was due to hormon replacement. As time has past & i have realized that flare ups – Are likely diet related, as when I am less careful my skin deteriorated. I wish I would have known this 25 years ago. Currently I general try to limit all carbs & processed sugar. This works well. I cannot change my “witchy hands” but I’m in control of my I.v. This is a great thing!

  3. I have suffered from IV my entire life (23 years) and I agree, my scales flare up when I consume gluten and sugar. Are there any natural/holistic topical solutions to go with the change to a real-food diet? How much Vitamin D should I take each day? I’m fairly new to paleo (less than a year) and I’m honestly fed up with using expensive lotions that work moderate at best. I know my newfound lifestyle can offer solutions, but I was wondering what they are or if there are any studies I can read about this.

    Thank you!

    • Once u have your IV under control you should be able to move away from these expensive lotions. I use a cocunut oil, Weber vitamin e ontiment (found with bandaids the local CVS) + vasaline intensive care cocunut bony lotion daily. Take a look at Deciem products, highly moisturizing – reasonably price.

  4. My son has ichthyosis. His Dr. put him on a diet that avoids processed foods, sugar, caffeine, gluten and dairy. Basically he eats whole foods only, and drinks plenty of water as well as has oils and Vitamin D supplements, along with some other supplements. His skin has improved dramatically. Barely any scales this winter, it’s incredible.

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