The Paleo Diet July Digest – A Few Ways to Find Paleo Foods

Eating a healthy Paleo Diet is not always easy. It’s certainly a lot simpler in our modern world to walk around the corner and buy a Big Mac or a slice of pizza, than to find a fresh-cooked unsalted salmon fillet and asparagus.

That’s particularly true in the summer when many of us are taking the family on a plane or visiting cottage country knowing we’ll be without a kitchen and the local farmer’s market we’ve come to trust. Finding Paleo-friendly foods can become a challenge.

But it’s still worth the effort.

Our new posts for July were all about finding and picking Paleo foods – whether it’s figuring out how to feed your kids on vacation, ways to grow natural foods in your backyard, or dispelling some misconceptions about foods that actually aren’t Paleo, like processed meats.

We hope our new articles help make it a little easier for you to stay Paleo for the rest of your summer. Enjoy!

– The Paleo Diet Team

Processed, Cured and Smoked Meats: Definitely Not Paleo!

By Loren Cordain, PhD, Professor Emeritus

Don’t let the posts floating around the Paleosphere fool you. Charismatic bloggers may make bacon, smoked beef, and salami sound great, but that doesn’t make them healthy. There is extensive research showing the many health consequences of added salt and unlike natural beef sirloin or lamb loin, processed meats are loaded with it.

Nell’s Corner: Keeping Your Kids On Track While On Summer Vacation

By Nell Stephenson, B.S.

Chicken nuggets, pizza and spaghetti. That’s just a few of the items seen all too commonly on the ‘kid’s’ section of a menu at eateries ranging from upscale to the local hole in the wall. If you’re traveling with your kids and trying to find a way around the “kid’s menu” let The Paleo Diet writer Nell Stephenson give you a few pointers.

Organic Gardening at the Paleo Diet

By The Paleo Diet Team

With the wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies consumed on a daily basis, we happily welcome the growing season by preparing and planting our organic gardens. If you have never grown your own food, this is a great time to give a backyard garden a try.

Easy Coconut Shrimp with Fresh Cilantro

By The Paleo Diet Team

Fresh, wild caught shrimp is a favorite staple around The Paleo Diet dining table.  This dish is perfect for those busy summer nights and is fast and easy to prepare.  We took advantage of our organic garden to snip some rosemary and cilantro and toss in along the way.  Enjoy!

August at The Paleo Diet: The Scientific Benefits of the Paleo Diet

The body of peer-reviewed research showing the benefits of the Paleo Diet keeps expanding. Several new studies have been published in the last few months alone. So for August, we have prepared several new posts explaining many of those benefits including further research by Dr Cordain showing conclusively how too much salt consumption can contribute to cancer.

Trevor Connor has two pieces coming up this month. One summarizing two new studies on the anti-inflammatory effects of the diet and a response to Bill Nye’s recent criticisms of the Paleo Diet. “The Science Guy” may need to go back and check his science. Marc Bubbs has a piece about the benefits of periodic fasting for diabetics and of course Jane Dizon, Nell Stephenson, and Lorrie Cordain continue their regular monthly posts packed with information about the diet, helpful tips, and new recipes.

As always, our team appreciates your support for The Paleo Diet. We look forward to and encourage your feedback on our website and Facebook!

The Paleo Diet Team

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