July: Your Top Five Comments

July: Your Top Five CommentsOur Readers Respond to Our Articles in July

You, our readers, are what keep thePaleoDiet.com website going. Your comments and responses let us know what you’re thinking and what you’d like to hear about. Every month we take the time to read all of your posts and try to reply to your questions. While we get many great comments, we are selecting five from each month that we think are interesting and should be shared with all of you. Here’s our top five for July. We hope you enjoy!



Article: Diet and Baldness
Christian on July 10, 2016 writes:
There is a ton of evidence supporting your assertion that high GL diets can lead to a ‘hormonal cascade’ which can exacerbate hair loss in those who are genetically predisposed.

High GL foods raise blood sugar, which of course causes insulin to be released. High insulin levels cause lower levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG binds to DHT (the hormone that causes hair loss), preventing it from binding to receptors in the hair follicle and causing hair loss.

So basically, high GL foods = more insulin = less SHBG = more (available) DHT = increased hair loss.

You can read more about this hormonal cascade and how it can accelerate male pattern baldness in my article //tophairlosstreatments.com/insulin-hair-loss-diet-causes-androgenetic-alopecia/

Avoiding high GL foods may even stop hair loss altogether if you catch it early.



Article: Going Nuts: All the Bolts
Becca on July 14, 2016 writes:
I have found that counting the number of nuts is a powerful way to reign in overconsumption. On an anti-inflammatory diet from the Institute of Functional Health, a serving of nuts is 6 almonds. A female might have 2 servings a day. Males might have 4. Regardless, hand size is taken out of the equation. It’s all of a sudden very clear if you are over-eating nuts.



Article: Should You Restrict Your Fruit Intake If You Have Type 2 Diabetes?
Esther Koh on July 14, 2016 writes:
After going Paleo since October 2015, my Hb1A had dropped from 12.5 to 6.5 in Ap 16. I have kept a detailed log of all my food intakes & exercise regime. This is my 10th month (July 16), my daily blood glucose is between 3.8 to 4.5 mmol/L 4 hours after food & 2 hours of exercise (vertical marathon & resistance weight training). I’m going for my periodic diabetic check-up on 1st week of August 2016, and pray that the Hb1A had dropped to between 4 to 4.5.



Article: Better Resting Leptin Levels In Diabetics On A Paleo Diet
Alessio on July 15, 2016 writes:
Hi, I think indeed it’s about gliadin compounds that may have a direct contribute for people with gluten intolerance, and a less direct one due to the increased permeability due to zonuline activation that happens in everyone, as shown once again in the latest study. And furthermore, it’s not only about that, but I think that Spreadbury got it right talking about microbiome issues due to the acellularity of refined grains, that in concert with the nasty prolamines, set off a proinflammatory environment and promote LPS induced endotoxemia, leading to leptin and insulin resistance. Weight gain is a collateral effect as also shown by studies in mice.
I think that the proinflammatory dysbiosis in concert with gluten toxicity set off the perfect storm.
And in my opinion, the inflammatory nature of diabetes is even stronger than the mere carboidrate alone hypotesis, as shown by the Kitavans paradox.



Article: Paleo Foods to Heal a Leaky Gut
Mike on July 19, 2016 writes:
Hi Sophia, I had an autoimmune disease (graves disease) since 2010, starting sept 2015 my autoimmune gone wild and I started having urticaria. I had to take antihistamine once every two days to help me get some sleep. About a month ago I started paleo diet in order to heal my leaky gut. I believe this is the cause of autoimmune problem. I avoid grains, diary, legume, sugar and start consuming bone broth, coconut yogurt & kombucha. Now I have almost 3 weeks without antihistamine and sleep very well every night. Wishing you a healthy life.

Original comment:
Sophia on June 18, 2016 wrote:
I am suffering from urticaria since last 4 years. tried every medication… montelukast desloratadine..and other antihistamines… each and every food reacts to me and i get swelling on every part of my body..can this be an indication to a leaky gut……..please help me….my life has become hell with this …pls HELP

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  1. The Paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat to keep fit. Paleo helps to Improve blood lipids, weight loss, and reduced pain from auto immunity.Want to try it now? Read Paleo Diet by Neander Selvan at IMUSTI.

  2. Thank you Dr Cordain and the Paleo team. I refer to your posts constantly and continue to work on the goal of becoming fully Paleo. So far I can estimate that I must be around a 90% Paleo advocate as I still consume coffee and dark chocolate in monitored amounts. Gone are all grains (except sometimes a serving a white rice), dairy and legumes as well as nightshades, nuts, all processed foods and alcohol. Now the simple straight forward diet consists of all the foods that Dr Cordain advises. I can honestly report that I am totally well, pain free and full of energy with a kind of natural happiness. I am approaching age 71yrs, my only regret being that I took too long to find out about Paleo! Luckily I live in a place that has abundant fresh vegies from farmer’s markets, and access to mostly grass fed beef and lamb. We also can source wild caught Kangaroo meat and ocean caught wild fish. Thanks again. I hope you will all be remembered in history. Cheers, Jennifer

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