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A Young 85

By Loren Cordain, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Founder of The Paleo Diet
March 8, 2012
A Young 85 image

Dear Dr. Cordain,

Thanks for the prompt response to my email. It seemed to be a better idea to communicate this way, rather than the telephone tag we have been playing. I have at this time in my young age (85 two weeks ago) become a devotee of your diet book as well as an avid re-reader of your Paleo Regime treatise foisted upon us by our fitness fanatic and food guru son, who also happens to be a soldier. Reluctantly, my wife and I finally acquired the book and read it to while away the hours sitting on a train, traveling in Germany and Austria over the Christmas holidays.

The book seemed to make sense, albeit we were total skeptics when it comes to trusting all of the concepts, of all of the self-styled experts we have listened to over the decades, all with the prime answer to how not only lose weight but, more importantly, how to keep it off. With nothing to lose, (no pun intended) we decided to give it a go, and so we both did; not so much because of what you expounded upon, but simply because we liked the food mechanics and types items we would be devouring on a daily basis.

Bottom line, the plan is great, makes sense, never boring and has turned our daily food intake, into gourmet feasts on a routine basis. End results for the both of us:

  • Feel great
  • High & consistent energy levels
  • Lower blood pressures
  • Off blood pressure medication.
  • Love the 85/15 weekly gift
  • No more gastric problems

You can feel free to use these statements, as you see fit.

We have been expounding upon your facts and encyclopedic knowledge to all we can bore with OUR new found nutrition knowledge. It's like being a reformed drunk. We have even thanked our son.

Keep up the good work,


Dr. Cordain:

Dear Charles,

First off, let me apologize for our phone tag sessions. These problems come with the territory when one becomes a public persona. Nevertheless, many thanks for your kind words and congratulations upon the health and weight loss successes you, your wife and your son have experienced with The Paleo Diet. It is always gratifying and heart warming for me to hear of these personal success stories. I am a graduate of the University of Utah, and thoroughly enjoyed SLC during my graduate program years in Utah. I managed to make it down to Provo a few times -- a beautiful city. Obviously, you and your wife have been doing things right for 85 years, and Paleo will put the odds on your sides to make it to 100. Again, many thanks for your support of the Paleo Diet.


Loren Cordain, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

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