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Dish Type: Treat Recipes

Chocolate Covered Banana Bites
These Chocolate Covered Banana Bites are a perfect snack for adults and little ones alike.
Immunity Cubes
Kick your cold to the curb with our immunity cubes!
PaleoFLEX™ Strawberry Lemon Bars
Nobody can resist these three-layer strawberry lemon bars!
PaleoFLEX™ Almond-Coconut Ice Cream
All you need is a blender to make this no-churn, dairy-free ice cream.
PaleoFLEX™ Irish Soda Bread
Use a cast iron skillet to get this gluten-free soda bread nice and crispy.
PaleoFLEX™ Zucchini Blueberry Muffins
Treat yourself to these tasty muffins filled with juicy blueberries and healthy shredded zucchini!
PaleoFLEX™ Pomegranate Raspberry Recovery Gummies
Treat your body after a tough workout with these refreshing gummy treats made with healing gelatin.
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