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Dish Type: Miscellaneous

Paleo Low-Sodium Kimchi
Want the gut-health benefits of kimchi but trying to avoid the high salt content? Try this low-sodium kimchi recipe that's healthier.
Peach Salsa
The perfect salsa to pair with chips or veggies.
Pickled Cumin Carrots
Pickled carrots are the perfect veggie topping for any meal!
Paleo Coleslaw
This savory slaw will complete any barbecue, picnic, or summer party. The pre- and probiotics from the onions and vinegar along with fiber in the cabbage and avocado work together to create a gut-healthy side for any occasion. It’s best to have your Paleo Mayo and Pickled Red Onions prepped ahead of time. We always […]
Pickled Red Onions
The perfect condiment to have for any occasion!
Chicken Bone Broth
Make this staple recipe at home, without all the added sodium!
A super flavorful, zesty herb sauce.
Immunity Cubes
Kick your cold to the curb with our immunity cubes!
Pico de Gallo
Spice up your Taco Tuesday with homemade pico.
Healthier Honey Glazed Carrots
These easy glazed carrots make the perfect side dish for any occasion!
Orange Air Fryer Asparagus
Coat fresh asparagus in a sticky sweet orange sauce, then air fry until crisp-tender!
Easy Baked Kale Chips
Ditch the potato chips! Satisfy your craving with these crispy-crunchy, healthy kale chips seasoned with cumin, curry, and chili powder.
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