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Nell Stephenson is a competitive Ironman athlete, personal trainer, and a health and nutrition consultant. She has an exercise science degree from the University of Southern California, a health/fitness instructor certification from the American College of Sports Medicine, and over a decade in the health, fitness and nutrition industry. To support her training for the Ironman Triathlon, Nell has tried many different nutritional plans and has found that the Paleo Diet is superior to all other ways of eating. She’s found that she’s leaner, faster, and fitter than ever before and uses her own experience to teach clients how to achieve optimal nutrition and health. Visit her website at Download meal plans tailored to you here.

“Paleo For Dogs? Vets Say Trendy Diet Could Make Humans Sick”

An article on NPR’s website [1], asked whether a ‘trendy diet could be making dogs sick’. One vet stated in the article, “There are two issues with raw pet food diets…many are not nutritionally balanced for pets … and there’s also the public health issue.“ Fair enough on the first point; wild cats or wolves would not eat just meat, they’d kill something and eat the whole thing, including the contents of the guts. So while letting your pet consume plain raw meat isn’t going to cut it, this in and of itself is not the Paleo Diet® anyway. Another

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Eating For Endurance

If you’re an endurance athlete and you’re reading this post on the Paleo Diet site, then you’re well aware of the misinformation that is still being spoon fed to us in terms of how we need to be eating to fuel those long hours in the water, on the bike or on the trails. Just recently, I happened upon a notice from a local triathlon club announcing a dinner they were going to offer the night before a race: “Reminder!  Free pasta feed for local members this Friday night in Los Angeles. All are invited, along with family and friends,

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Sun Safety, Vitamin D, and Paleo

If you’re following an authentic, modern-day Paleo lifestyle, then you’re well aware that the lifestyle involves much more than what you’re eating. While mimicking what our ancestors ate (incidentally, we don’t even have to go as far back as our ancestors; let’s even take a cue from our grandparents) is indeed the foundation of creating a plan designed to achieve optimal health and performance, there are other aspects of our day to day regimen that are also important. You’re moving your body. You’re spending at least a little time with your feet on the bare earth and you’re allowing for

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Paleo Tuna Poke Bowl

How does a poke bowl sound right about now?   Let’s start with what it is, exactly: Poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as a main course (1). When out and about, it can be tough to find viable options that will fit into your authentic paleo regime, so when something does come across our radar, it’s easy to jump right in. But before you pick up your chopsticks, it’s worth taking the time to consider a few key factors. In this case of the poke bowl, let’s call them the

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Nature’s Recovery Drink: Cold Bone Broth

Whether you’re a long time Paleo devotee or have landed here after a foray through a keto diet, relying heavily on sugar to fuel your training and subsequent recovery is a thing of the past.  Rather than minimizing your efforts by downing a sugary sports recovery drink after a workout, replenish your body the natural way: with bone broth. Nourishing, healing and delicious, bone broth, served chilled, doubles as the perfect recovery drink. Pour it over ice and enjoy after a long session in the saddle, on the trail or simply to quench your thirst on a hot day. Ingredients

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March: National Nutrition Month

Where are we getting our information? National Nutrition Month is a nutrition education and information campaign created annually in March by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, focused on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits (1). Their website states that Go Further with Food is the theme for 2018, and it includes key points such as starting the day off right with a healthy breakfast, fueling before an athletic event and preparing your foods to go further. There’s even a touchpoint on reducing food waste!  Sounds great and makes total sense. After all, we certainly

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Fun Ways to Keep Fit in the Winter

With the 2018 Winter Olympics upon us, you may be rethinking those excuses that it’s “too cold outside”. We’ve all been guilty of using the dark morning and the bone-chilling weather as an excuse not to workout during the winter. You’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean you should go with the flow. Studies (1) show that  not exercising in winter leads to:    A 20 percent decrease in cardiopulmonary fitness within just three to eight weeks of not exercising    A loss of whatever advantages they gained over time   A Higher rate of reverting to a sedentary lifestyle within three to

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Keto Paleo Holiday

What’s the best way to avoid holiday weight gain? Skip the sugar. Easier said than done, right? How exactly can one do that when temptations abound in the midst of trying to stay true to one’s New Year’s goals? By following a ketogenic approach to their Paleo regime. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.   Imagine how easy it would be to avoid candy, syrupy cocktails, and desserts of all types if they just didn’t appeal to you.   When your body adapts to eating more fat and less carbohydrates, you simply don’t have the cravings for that

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How to Stay Lean In the Off-Season

Are you an athlete heading into the off–season, and feeling concerned about how best to avoid putting on those holiday pounds? Or perhaps you’re just wondering how to avoid putting on those holiday pounds… period? The athlete, weekend warrior, and desk jocky all have this one thing in common. If we create an eating plan on the foundation of it being real, whole foods, we’re far less likely to pack on pounds at any time of year, regardless of training volume, tempting treats left in the office, or shorter periods of daylight making it easier to hit snooze and stay

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Nell’s Corner: National Bacon Lover’s Day August 20th

August 20th is “National Bacon Lover’s Day” so what better time to fry some up with your runny eggs and spinach, dice it up on top of a salad or wrap a piece around a pitted date for a decadent dessert? But wait one moment… is bacon really a food that can be part of an authentic Paleo approach? Without a doubt; so long as it is properly sourced,  the cleanest options are chosen and it’s something we include as a once in a while food versus other protein / fat options like wild salmon which can be eaten more

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