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Keep It Paleo – Condiment Recipes

We all love the great taste of freshly prepared foods that are the basics of The Paleo Diet.  Once you’re in the habit of eating a variety of foods, it’s easy to live the Paleo lifestyle.  A common dilemma, when planning and serving delicious meals, is how to include common condiments that contain healthy ingredients.  A trip down the catsup and mustard aisle at any grocery store quickly demonstrates the challenges for those of us committed to The Paleo Diet.  It’s almost impossible to find an ingredients label that doesn’t include some sort of sugar, salt, or fillers as primary

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Celebrate Spring the Paleo Way

Spring is beginning to pop up everywhere, and that means time for some fresh Paleo foods to celebrate all the magic of the season.  The hardboiled egg is a favorite protein staple to have on hand.  Transform this simple food into a tasty appetizer or side dish to pair with any meal.  This month’s recipe comes straight from The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook by Dr. Loren Cordain and offers a number of variations to enjoy.  Find more amazing recipes at our bookstore.   Deviled Eggs Start to Finish: 25 minutes    Makes: 12 Servings If you opt for the wasabi deviled

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Springtime Paleo Irish Stew and Grilled Shrimp Recipes to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Paleo Irish Stew Whether you are Irish, or just wish you were, St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration filled with festivities for all to enjoy.  This hearty Paleo/Ireland inspired dish is packed with nutrients that will keep your energy steady while enjoying the shenanigans. And that’s no blarney.  May the luck of the Irish be with you! Ingredients: (makes 4-6 servings) 1  3-3/1/2  pound grass-fed beef rump roast 3 to 4 cloves garlic, sliced lengthwise into halves or thirds (8-10 slivers) 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil Freshly ground black pepper 1 yellow onion chopped 2 cloves fresh garlic minced 2

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A Menu to Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day The Paleo Way

It’s February, and that means love is in the air!  Preparing for a special day with your loved ones almost always includes a thoughtfully planned and beautifully presented meal.  At The Paleo Diet, we designed this healthy and delicious dinner to celebrate the treasured people in our lives.  Because this is a special occasion, treat yourself and enjoy a glass of wine with your meal.  But first, you might want to read Dr. Cordain’s post about alcohol and The Paleo Diet.   Valentine Dinner Menu Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms Mango Shrimp Salad Grass-fed Beef Lover Filets Grilled Asparagus with Fresh Lemon

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A Few Recipes for the Winter Blah’s

The holidays are over and the snow is looking a little colder and a little browner. Many of us are hunkering down and waiting for the spring day when the buds appear on the trees and flowers start blooming. A few warm recipes can really help pass the winter season. Who doesn’t want to take their boots off on a cold day and sit down to a hot bowl of Paleo chicken soup…   Chicken and Mushroom Ramen This warming aromatic bowl of goodness proves that even Paleo enthusiasts can enjoy a big soupy bowl of Asian-style noodles. This noodle

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Three Meals to Start Your New Year’s Off Right

It’s a new year and that means the time for making healthy lifestyle changes is upon us.  Whether you are new to The Paleo diet, a long time faithful follower, or somewhere in between, we’ve put together some delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to help you start this year off right.  Whatever your resolutions, the Paleo lifestyle is a proven way to reach your goals and stay committed.  So, let’s get cooking! Champion’s Breakfast Start your day off right with this healthy combination of Omega-3 eggs, veggies, and fruit.  This delicious meal is packed with protein and vitamin

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Tasty Holiday Recipes – Paleo-Style

The holidays are a time for our favorite “cheat” meals and treats. Followed by a renewed interest in the gym come January. It can be a tough time for those of us trying to stay healthy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a few holiday treats Paleo-style. Here’s some recipes to help you enjoy the festivities: Cranberry Salsa Fresh cranberries are a classic holiday staple.  This Paleo perfect recipe, packed with fresh, healthy ingredients will be a delicious addition to your festive occasions.  Serve it with fresh veggies, homemade kale chips, or use it as a side to pair

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“Cozy” Fall Paleo Recipes

It’s getting colder and the leaves are nearly off the trees. With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to get cozy by a roaring fire and enjoy a few fall Paleo recipes. Enjoy! Slow Cooked Beef Roast As soon as the leaves begin to turn color, the slow cooker is the favored vessel in the Paleo kitchen.  This slow cooked beef roast is ideal for those who prefer to plan and prepare their dinner before heading out the door in the morning.  The delicious aromas will welcome you home after a day’s adventures.  Once the sun has set and the

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A Few Paleo Recipes to Maximize Your Nutrient Density

[Part Four in our Series on Why the Paleo Diet is a Nutrient Dense Diet] The Paleo diet is naturally a nutrient-packed diet. But if you were on the road for a bit and eating foods that don’t give you what you need, or are just looking to periodically eat something with a little more “nutrient-punch” here’s a few recipes from The Paleo Diet Cookbook to get you started: Fresh Start Omelet Start your day off right with this nutrient dense breakfast.  The combination of fresh greens and veggies wrapped up in protein packed Omega 3 eggs will fire up

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