Kimberly Tessmer, RDN, LD | The Paleo Diet®
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Kimberly Tessmer is a registered dietitian, health coach, published author and freelance writer. She has authored more than 10 books, all dealing in specified areas of nutrition. She currently works as a remote health coach, helping people from all over the United States to reach their weight and health goals.

Kimberly Tessmer, RDN, LD
Meet The Expert

What makes you an expert on The Paleo Diet?

I have been a registered dietitian for many years and have worked with people on countless types of “diets”. The Paleo diet has been a popular one for many years so I have had the opportunity to work with many people following this diet. This has led me to learning more and more about The Paleo Diet and how it works best for people.

Describe the impact The Paleo Diet has had on your (and/or your family's) life?

The Paleo Diet has tons of health benefits and really isn’t too difficult to follow. We have been able to increase veggies mostly, which is such a healthy change. I personally rely on it for my personal cholesterol levels that are genetic for me.

What does “healthy living” mean to you? And what do you like to eat when you go to the movies (i.e. what’s your favorite cheat food)?

Healthy living for me is not just what I eat but all I do to benefit my body. That means eating right, regular exercise and taking time to unwind and destress to name a few. My teen daughter and I love to go to the movies together to help relax and have fun, we have done that since she was little. My favorite way to make it even more enjoyable is a bag of popcorn with butter. Sometimes we need to treat ourselves and that is OK.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing for The Paleo Diet? 

I love to write but when I am not doing that, I love to spend any time my teen daughter will give up! Having fun and spending time with my family and friends is so special and important to me. As for myself, I absolutely love to work out, which I do on a regular basis and is truly part of who I am.

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