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Jane is a health, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast and blogger. She is a nurse by profession and a writer by passion. She has a soft spot for macadamia chocolate and green tea. You can connect with her on Twitter and Google+.

Tips for Paleo Campers

Yes, there are a lot of foods that are normally taken along on camping trips that are not necessarily meant for The Paleo Diet, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy camping and communing with nature. You just need to do it a bit differently, which means bringing along different types of foods and tools to ensure that you can stick to your paleo diet no matter where you end up. Today we’re going to take a look at some tips for anyone who is following The Paleo Diet and is fond of camping. Let’s get started. Invest in

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Do You Need Omega-9 Fatty Acids?

Do You Need Omega-9’s? We’ve all heard about Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s, but have you heard about Omega-9’s? These are fatty acids that come from unsaturated fats that are usually found in animal and vegetable fats. Also known as oleic acid or monounsaturated fats, they can be found in a variety of healthy oils, including olive oil, canola oil, mustard oil, and safflower oil. These fatty acids can also be found in nuts and nut oils. But, even though these are fatty acids, just like Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s, there is a big difference between them. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids come

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The Truth About the Coffee-Cancer Link

The Truth About the Coffee-Cancer Link We’ve been hearing a lot in the news about the link between coffee and cancer, but is there really anything that we need to worry about? Can you still enjoy that cup of Joe without having to worry about developing certain types of cancer? Well, don’t start to panic just yet, because there is actually new evidence that coffee can be beneficial to your health. Today we’re going to take a look at the risks, and benefits of coffee, and if you should have any concerns about the amount of coffee that you drink.

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Two Months to a Beach-Ready Body

Two Months to a Beach-Ready Body It happens to the best of us: we plan to not let ourselves get too out of shape over the winter, and then suddenly, it’s spring, and we have gotten used to not getting much exercise, if any at all, and eating a lot of comfort foods. Then, there are only a couple of months left to get our bodies ready for the beach again. But, it can be done, and in just two months.   Getting Started If your body isn’t used to doing much exercise after a long winter, don’t try to

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Your Paleo Answers – Most Common FAQ About The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is not anything new. It has been around for centuries. At its core, The Paleo Diet takes food back to its roots, sometimes literally. Whole foods, lean protein, organic and non-GMO foods are the basis of a paleo diet. Going Paleo is a choice that will positively affect your entire life. By eliminating excess sugars, added preservatives, and processed foods, your diet is filled with nutrient- and mineral-rich sustenance. But with all the research available on print and online, there are still many questions that sceptics of The Paleo Diet have. Here is a list of some

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Top Reasons Why You Should Go Paleo

You do what you can to lead a happy and fulfilling life. So, why not do the same for your body? By providing the body with the necessary nutrients, you will sustain not only your physical health, but your overall wellness. Now comes in The Paleo Diet. This diet, also known as a hunter-gatherer diet, is a simplified and natural way of eating based on how our ancestors ate. Eating a Paleo Diet will immerse you with quality foods, including lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables that are nutrient-dense. The Paleo Diet encourages exclusion of processed foods that are low in

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The Ultimate Benefits of Going Paleo

A fundamental principle of the Paleo Diet is to go back to the way of our ancestors and depend on all-natural sustenance to survive. Some people are skeptical about the diet, but the outstanding benefits for the people who have tried it are evidence that there is more to it than just a mere change in one’s food choice. It gives our bodies an opportunity to go back to the way they enjoyed food thousands of years ago. The myriad of benefits from the Paleo Diet go beyond just weight loss. It’s more than just skin deep. It provides an

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Debunking the Biggest Myths About The Paleo Diet

Many people are skeptical whenever change is introduced. And the Paleo Diet, considered a disruptive diet by some, is no exemption. Many awful things have been said about this diet and it’s easy to get confused with what’s true and what’s not. Contrary to these claims, The Paleo Diet has changed the lives of many people who were brave enough to try it out and discipline themselves to find the many great benefits of eating “caveman-style.” Let’s debunk some of the common myths about The Paleo Diet. Who knows? One of the myths on this list may just be the

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The Paleo Diet Health Benefits Infographic

Recently, I made an infographic about some interesting Paleo statistics and touched lightly on its health benefits. Still not impressed with Paleo? Well, here I am with another infographic to convince you that Paleo is life changing. Through its philosophy of eating real and whole food, incredible health benefits are what you’re looking for at the end of the tunnel. Credits: Images used courtesy of Sonder Creative Reference: 1. Kaczmarczyk, M.M., M.J. Miller, and G.G. Freund, The health benefits of dietary fiber: beyond the usual suspects of type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease and colon cancer. Metabolism, 2012. 61(8): p.

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Enjoy Some Stats, Tips and Topics from the Paleo Diet Team!

How many people are Paleo? How long until you experience the benefits of a Paleo diet? These are just a few of the questions asked by people considering a Paleo lifestyle. The Paleo diet is one of the world’s healthiest diets that is based on the concept of eating what we are genetically adapted to eat. Close to 30 studies have now been published backing the amazing benefits of the Paleo diet with more to come. Here’s a look at some interesting statistics and facts about the Paleo diet that might just encourage you to join the bandwagon.   Credit:

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