Felicia Lim
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Felicia Lim

Recipe Developer
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Hi! I’m Felicia, a Singaporean native currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m a big fan of spicy food (bring on the jalapeños and Sriracha!), love photographing almost every and anything, and have been developing gluten-free and Paleo recipes for the past 5 years. I believe the key to strong and healthy bodies is through nutrition, and creating food that is nourishing, looks good, and tastes great is what fuels my passion.

Felicia Lim
Meet The Expert

What makes you an expert on The Paleo Diet?

I’ve been developing Paleo recipes since 2015, and have worked with various Paleo websites to create recipes that are not only healthy but also taste good, so I know the Paleo diet very well.

Describe the impact The Paleo Diet has had on your (and/or your family's) life?

My husband is Celiac, so we cook exclusively gluten-free at at home, and incorporating a diet mostly without processed foods and dairy has helped him feel so much better and regain his health.

What does “healthy living” mean to you? And what do you like to eat when you go to the movies (i.e. what’s your favorite cheat food)?

For me, healthy living means eating mainly whole foods, eating a little processed foods as possible, while still enjoying food by making them tasty through natural herbs and spices that are big on flavor. I like snacking on dark chocolate or guacamole when I watch Netflix (it’s been a long time since I went out to watch a movie!)

What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing for The Paleo Diet?

When I’m not writing and creating recipes for The Paleo Diet, I’m either developing gluten-free recipes for my recipe blog, shooting couple portraits, enjoying long walks in nature, or reading a book on my Kindle.

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