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Emily Rumsey

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Emily Rumsey joined The Paleo Diet® in the summer of 2020 as a production assistant after interning with the company for a few months and has since been promoted to Website Manager. Rumsey graduated in the spring of 2020 from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a BA in Journalism and BA in Internationals Affairs with a Chinese minor. During her time as a student she served as a Chapter Director for the non-profit Camp Kesem and was involved with the academic honor fraternity Phi Sigma Pi.

Emily Rumsey
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How To Have a Paleo Valentine’s Day
Does planning Valentine’s Day with your partner cause you stress? Try these 3 ideas to create the perfect Paleo Valentine’s Day.
By Emily Rumsey
Paleo Picnic Ideas for Early Fall
The days may be getting cooler and shorter, but that doesn't mean time has run out for picnics. Here are a few Paleo picnic ideas and recipes for early fall!
By Emily Rumsey
How to Support Your Mental Health During a Weight-Loss Journey
We offer several tips to help you live a healthier, happier life, one in which self-care is as important as losing weight.
By Emily Rumsey
I Tried The Paleo Diet for Seven Days. Here’s What Happened.
I decided to go Paleo, cold turkey, for seven days. Even after a short time I felt many of the diet’s benefits like weight loss and improved sleep. I challenge anyone looking to jump start their healthy life to try it too!
By Emily Rumsey
The Exercise Habits of Hunter-Gatherers
Learn about the history of exercise in our hunter-gatherer ancestors and how to mimic their activities today for optimal health.
By Emily Rumsey
How to Eat The Paleo Diet in College
College doesn’t have to equate to a highly processed, nutritionally bankrupt diet. Learn how to eat Paleo even when living in a dorm room!
By Emily Rumsey
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