David Whiteside
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David Whiteside

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David Whiteside lives with his beautiful wife Kathleen in southern Utah near Zion National Park. He spent 26 years giving financial advice on funding retirement and long-term care costs, including 10 years as a Medicaid case manager.

Unexpected, dramatic personal success on The Paleo Diet spurred him to investigate Paleo’s implications for healthy aging. He now devotes his time to researching and promoting awareness of Paleo and ancestral dieting in the senior community.  

David’s core mission is to simplify science for casual readers in order to reveal how conventional Western dietary norms cause most chronic disease—and their enormous, unnecessary costs.

David Whiteside
Meet The Expert

What makes you an expert on The Paleo Diet?

I've lived the diet every day for over four years, and read numerous books, studies, and papers during that time. I browse ancestral diet and fitness news daily. Paleo living is relatively simple, but understanding it—and advocating for it—requires skull sweat.

Describe the impact The Paleo Diet has had on you and/or your family's life?

Transformative. Revolutionary. Between us, Kathy and I lost 80 pounds. I’m rarely ill. Three wardrobes later, I really don’t get tired anymore (at age 62!)—I just know it’s time to sleep at day’s end.

What does “healthy living” mean to you? And what’s your favorite cheat food? 

It means no processed foods, sugar, seed oils, or foods with multiple ingredients. Ever. All our food is fresh, whole, organic, or grass fed. Regular workouts! Cheating? Maybe red wine and cheese, or, rarely, “paleo friendly” baked goods.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing for The Paleo Diet?

I enjoy big-batch cooking to support our on-the-go Paleo lifestyle. I also do one to two hours of daily gym time or weighted walking. We live in a hiker’s paradise, so we venture into the desert or mountains weekly. I also collect and tinker with Old West firearms.

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Protein, Fasting, and the mTOR Pathway
Over-eating, especially of protein, activates the mTOR pathway which some researchers associate with increased cancer risk and shortened lifespan. Balancing macronutrients, like protein, can be challenging, but by looking at our hunter-gatherer ancestors lifestyles we can see that fasting may be one way to help keep mTOR in check.
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Heart Disease, Stress, and Nanoparticles
Dr. Malcolm Kendrick proposes that arterial plaques result from endothelial dysfunction brought on by stress. Read more about his research at The Paleo Diet®.
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Healthy Aging: Study Shows High-Carbohydrate Diets Promote Dementia
Take a deep dive into research showing how eating a diet high in sugar can contribute to the onset of dementia and how a Paleo Diet can be protective
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Paleolithic Aging: Exercise for Brain, Biceps, and Longevity
Evidence is quietly accumulating that our brains and immune systems need exercise as much as our muscles. Find out the facts about Paleolithic aging.
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Looking “Beyond Keto” with Dr. Terry Wahls
Dr. Terry Wahls has been developing a nutritional strategy for M.S. Her most recent book applies Paleo Diet principles with intermittent fasting.
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Thomas Seyfried’s metabolic theory of cancer, and how our ancestral diet could help curtail the disease
Important new discoveries about cancer cells - including their reliance on glucose for fuel, is showing an important role of diet in managing the condition.
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