7 Nuts and Seeds to Include In Your Paleo Diet

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One of Mother Nature’s gifts to mankind, nuts and seeds, have been on this planet for centuries and up to this day, we’re still harvesting their healthy goodness. There’s also a tall list of health benefits you can get from these minute wonder foods.

With high levels of antioxidants, nuts are cardio-protective[1] and great to include in your heart-healthy diet. Seeds on the other hand, are packed with dietary fiber. Studies show that those who consume high dietary fiber have lower risk of developing heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, and obesity.[2]

These tiny nibbles are a popular snack among Paleo eaters, however, should be eaten in moderation and are regarded more as a garnish and not as the main ingredient.[3] A small handful of nuts or seeds over a Paleo salad or added to your Paleo trail mix for hiking is just the ticket to adding healthful fats to your Paleo diet.

Check out the infographic from our friends at Gym and Fitness to learn more about the health benefits of nuts and seeds and include in your Paleo diet.

7 Healthy Nuts And Seeds To Include In Your  Paleo Diet - The Paleo Diet


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  1. To Maggie – archeologists have found great caches of hazelnut shells in places where hunter gatherers lived. These people were supposedly the ones Paleo is patterned after but you don’t see hazelnuts on their list.

    I find this diet to be an idealized idea of what they were thinking rather than an actual list based on archeology. You would kind of think that those primates still in the wild might be similar to what ancient Paleo people might have eaten like but you don’t see grapes and bananas (or grubs and ants) on their lists either. Someone decided to combine and paint a picture of what they considered to be healthy and decided to pass it off as Paleo in my own opinion.

  2. Great info. Thanks. But most nuts back in Paleo days were toxic and couldn’t be eaten..if they were, such as almonds..they were toxic. I have noticed a lot of different nuts and seeds included in this diet, however the Paleo concept is “anything that a caveman would have eaten.” Most nuts and seeds wouldn’t have been. Some, yes, but they no longer exist or have morphed over time (as we as humans have.) So my question is, why are almond flour, almond meal and almonds (which did exist back then but were toxic) included in the diet? Wouldn’t that be more like just the “whole foods diet” then, since these items would not have been consumed during the period?

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