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16 Year Struggle With Acne

By The Paleo Diet Team
February 24, 2014
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Dr. Cordain,

I just wanted to take a couple minutes to thank you for information that has cured my 16-year struggle with acne. Since I was 11, I have had a moderate case of acne. It never was severe, but it has been very stubborn. I tried everything short of Accutaine—several years of Retin-A, antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, birth control, and every cream wash and mask available at the drugstore. I had the highest hopes for everything. I used Retin-A for about 4 years, thinking that one day it would magically kick in. Nothing ever worked. I was never without at least one major zit on my face, and I usually had several pretty obvious zits and lots of blackheads. Not fun, and definitely not psychologically helpful.

I’ve always been a big carb fanatic—cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner was not uncommon.
I decided to give the diet a try. I noticed that by the very next day, something felt different. I had no new eruptions. The ones I had started to shrink. After about a week, almost all my old zits were gone and no new ones took their place. I went on and off the diet several times until my experiments proved overwhelming. I now have been on the diet for awhile and have absolutely no breakouts on my face. And unlike the terrible side effects from my acne drugs (stomach problems, dry, itchy face); I have only the positive side effects of more energy, a clearer head, and a smile that I just can’t shake. Plus the uncontrollable urge to go up to people at the grocery store and lecture them (but I’m too shy for that). The other thing I have noticed is that the growth of my little coarse chin hairs has slowed considerable. Maybe I’ll get to stop tweezing them soon.

An interesting thing happened last week at a conference. All of our food was already prepared and paid for, so I did cheat a bit. ...The next morning my chin, where I have a tendency for breakouts, was swollen terribly with a boil, and I had 2 other zits on my face. My lymph nodes were also swollen. But after I got back on track, the boil is now completely gone with almost no mark.

So again, I want to thank you. My whole attitude has changed, and I almost feel like a different person. Acne was very psychologically damaging to me, and the turnaround has helped so much more than just my skin. I just somehow wish all the money I threw down the garbage on the various acne treatments could have somehow gone to you instead!

Thank you,

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