The Paleo Diet in the News

The Paleo Diet in the News | The Paleo Diet

While most people who try The Paleo Diet for themselves find it to be instantly beneficial to their overall health: it’s fun to see it popping up in mainstream media sources. The Paleo Diet and Dr. Cordain’s work have been cited in recent articles in the following media:

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  1. I can never get a decent answer to my question regarding eggs so I will try here. My family eats Paleo and I had always thought that eating eggs (egg yolks, specifically) were perfectly ok. Afterall, nature intended the egg to be whole, so why not eat it whole rather than separating the yolk and white. I also thought the cholesterol issue regarding the yolk is truly erroneous. However, now I am reading comments here and there via these newlsetters to only include one or two yolks in my omelettes. Why?Any clarification and/or information would be greatly appreciated!!Thank you!

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