Coffee Drinking Revisited: It’s not Paleo, but are there any therapeutic benefits?

By Mark J. Smith, Ph.D. and Loren Cordain, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University Previous blogs at The Paleo Diet about coffee have not exactly given a glowing report for the common beverage. These included a discussion of whether coffee is Paleo and also its effects on the brain (Part One and Part Two.) However, the research on coffee is expanding rapidly with over seven percent of all studies on its health effects being published in the last year. A great deal of new research is pointing in the direction that previously unknown benefits may help outweigh the negatives, resulting

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Can Peanuts Be Part of A Paleo Diet?

Everybody seems to love peanut butter. Entire websites can be found dedicated to the pursuit of adding the smooth, salty and highly palatable spread to seemingly every possible food. That said, peanuts (and peanut butter) aren’t Paleo. In fact, peanuts aren’t even nuts at all – they’re part of the legume family – and therefore off limits on a strict Paleo diet. The problem is that for many people peanuts (and more specifically peanut butter) are a “make or break” food choice that might heavily influence their decision to jump into a Paleo lifestyle. So, let’s take a closer look

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Three Meals to Start Your New Year’s Off Right

It’s a new year and that means the time for making healthy lifestyle changes is upon us.  Whether you are new to The Paleo diet, a long time faithful follower, or somewhere in between, we’ve put together some delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to help you start this year off right.  Whatever your resolutions, the Paleo lifestyle is a proven way to reach your goals and stay committed.  So, let’s get cooking! Champion’s Breakfast Start your day off right with this healthy combination of Omega-3 eggs, veggies, and fruit.  This delicious meal is packed with protein and vitamin

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Nell’s Corner: Daily vs Less Frequent Rule Breaking – What’s the Best Balance?

How many times have you heard it? “I tried Paleo and it didn’t work” or “I couldn’t stick with something that required me to eat so much meat”. How about my personal favorite, “I got bored because there are only so many ways to eat broccoli”? Yikes! All of the above comments can certainly be grounds for terminating any dietary approach, let alone a Paleo-style diet which seems to be more misunderstood than many others, in my experience. Before we foray into the grey area of how often to have a cheat meal or eat a food that’s not exactly

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The Paleo Diet December Digest – A Small but Important Month

During December, we put time into bringing you just a few important pieces to both give you what we feel is the best advice on controversial topics and to help you start 2017 out on the right foot. First, let’s address some conflicting recommendations you may be reading. The rise in the number of Paleo diet websites and blogs is a great thing for the exposure of the diet and to hopefully help more people live a healthier life. However, it comes at a cost. The amount of contradictory and sometimes plain wrong information is also on the rise. So,

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How to Bounce Back After Falling Off the Paleo Bandwagon

Let’s face it, eating Paleo has a few strict rules when it comes to what the dieter should avoid. We know that eating the modern Western diet is unhealthy and there’s science to back that up,1,2 but we also live in the modern world which makes avoiding the western diet tough at times. As a Paleo-eater, you know you can lose track when you start falling for too many non-Paleo temptations. Whatever your reason was for falling off the Paleo bandwagon, it’s never too late to jump back in line with a little commitment and confidence. Begin by rectifying the

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The Sea Salt Controversy: Important Updates for Your 2017 New Year’s Resolution

Introduction: The Belief that Added Salt is Paleo Look no further than the increasing number of bestselling “Paleo” diet cookbooks1-7, or “Paleo” diet website recipes8-16 and you can fully appreciate the near unanimity of authors whose recipes embrace sea salt or salt as fundamental ingredients in an otherwise Paleo-friendly meal. Somehow, somewhere most people in the Paleo community have been led to believe that added sea salt or salt can be safely included in contemporary Paleo diets with no long-term, adverse health effects, and that high salt intakes were a normal part of ancestral, hunter-gatherer diets. At least, this is

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Six Ideas to Turn Holiday Leftovers into Paleo-Friendly Recipes

‘Tis the season of Christmas carols, warm cups of cocoa, delicious family feasts, and the infamous holiday leftovers. Like many of us you may be feeling guilty enough about a few of those meals, but that doesn’t mean letting the Paleo-friendly leftovers like fruits, vegetables and meats go to waste. With a little something here and there, you can turn these foods into Paleo-friendly recipes. From a simple meatloaf with Paleo ketchup, to an appetizing stuffed pepper with Paleo cranberry sauce, to a tasty pizza recipe with homemade Paleo crust, every leftover deserves a second chance. Check out this infographic

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B Vitamins, Homocysteine, and Cognitive Decline: Setting the Record Straight

A common fear among people approaching old age is the fear of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or another form of dementia. This fear creates considerable stress, anxiety, and even despair. According to a UK government poll, for example, 62% of respondents would consider a dementia diagnosis as the effective end of their life.1 It’s difficult to estimate the prevalence of all forms of dementia, but the most common form, Alzheimer’s disease, afflicts 11% of those over 65 years of age and nearly one-third of those over 85.2 Perhaps one reason why people view dementia so catastrophically is because

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Stress: Modern Lifestyle Factors in Opposition to Human Evolution

The majority of people visiting this website likely do so because they live in a technologically advanced western society that allows and encourages them to own a computer, smart phone, or other internet compatible device. In an era of what seems like limitless technological growth and information access, it can be difficult to slow down and consider that many of the present-day cultural and technological attributes of modern western society are a very recent phenomenon and were unheard of for the majority of human evolution. Rapid technological advancement and the demand for a faster paced lifestyle within our society has

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