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The Science Behind Incentivizing Weight Loss | Healthy Wage | Paleo Diet

If you want to lose weight but don’t know where to start, now’s your chance to grab a few friends, family members or colleagues and lose the weight together. Contrary to popular belief, going Paleo isn’t hard and we’ve got something that will make the process of reaching a healthier, leaner you fun and exciting!

We’ve partnered with HealthyWage to offer a The Paleo Diet Jackpot Challenge for our readers and their friends, family and colleagues. HealthyWage is based on some important research out of Harvard, Penn and the Mayo Clinic over the last few years. One widely cited study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found those who have a financial incentive to lose weight were almost five times more likely to reach their target than individuals with no money at stake. HealthyWage challenges — which include JAMA-like betting and also a team weight loss challenge — are all based on the double-incentivization model. We believe you are more likely to succeed if (1) you stand to lose something if you fail and (2) you stand to win something significant if you succeed.

Every HealthyWage Team has to win as a group, so every member has a stake in the other members’ success. The result is lots of support and positive peer pressure. And, the desire to beat the other teams adds to the excitement and motivation of the competition. A Brown University study concluded  social networks and teamwork play a significant role in enhancing weight loss outcomes in weight loss interventions. In particular, the researchers found that having more social contacts trying to lose weight is connected with greater weight loss intentions, and that changes in physical activity are similar among teammates in a team-based physical activity campaign.

As you can see, the findings speak for themselves, as do the countless HealthyWage success stories. For example, check out HealthyWage success rockstar Anastasia W. who lost 41 pounds by following the Paleo Diet and won $10,000! Click here to read her story. Are you ready to be the next success story?


  1. Each participant puts money into the Jackpot ($20/mo. or $60 total).
  1. Your team will be competing along with all the other teams to lose 6% in three months.
  1. Winners (teams that lose 6% before the end) each get an equal share of the Jackpot.

The sky’s the limit on how big the Jackpot can grow, and each participant’s payout depends on how many people enter and how many people win. Typically, if your team hits the goal, you double your money or more.

Join us for some fun and to see who can win a share of The Paleo Diet Jackpot. Our challenge runs for 12 weeks starting on September 14th, and registration is on now – just click here to sign up!

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