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Submitting Questions

Submitting Questions | The Paleo Diet

If you have specific questions about The Paleo Diet please send us an email at:

Please note that we receive a great amount of feedback, and are not always able to respond personally. We read all emails, and we are very interested in hearing your thoughts, learning about your experiences, and understanding what questions you have.

Questions and comments are forwarded to our team, who make every effort to provide answers for our readers. We often receive similar questions on a variety of topics, such as saturated fat, diabetes, weight loss, consumption of milk, and a host of other dietary and health-related subjects concerning the Paleo Diet and paleo nutrition.

The entire web site for The Paleo Diet is searchable, including our Blog page. We encourage you to search or browse the blog page on our web site to see if the information you’re seeking has already been documented.

We have a tremendous amount of information that we’ve provided in response to reader questions, and update our posts frequently – so please check back if you don’t see the information you requested.


The Paleo Diet Team


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