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Reduce Cholesterol Medication | The Paleo Diet

Dr. Cordain,

I have been on your paleo diet for a year and 5 months now.  I watched the wonderful segment on Dr. Oz with your interview, and I would like to tell you my story. My doctor put me on your diet in November 2011. My main complaint was weight gain and the inability to lose any pounds at all.  I had gained enough weight to make me very uncomfortable about my appearance. I was very discouraged by my sluggishness, as well, and my severe arthritis and gained weight kept me from exercise. Just a month before starting the diet, I had two shots in my knees because I could not walk up or down stairs without severe pain.  The arthritis that plagued me had me seeing my physical therapist for hip and joint problems at least three times a month; many times I was not able to even walk into her office without limping. I had always had a strong aversion to milk, but I felt I was compensating by eating much cheese and yoghurt. So, I believed my diet was well balanced and healthy, yet I never was able to lose weight at all.

I spoke to my doctor about the weight loss, and he (who also uses the Paleo Diet) suggested I try your planned diet.With renewed enthusiasm, I bought two of your books that day and began the surprisingly easy regimen. I went from 165 to just about 130 pounds in 10 months. My doctor told me I would arrive at my ideal weight and stay there, and I did! I need to tell you that losing the pounds was beyond thrilling! But I quickly realized that the weight-loss benefit was minimal compared to the other ways your diet helped me.

The best result, I believe, is that my medical numbers are so great!  Since I have been working with your diet, my doctor has reduced my cholesterol medication by half, and I am hoping that at my next visit he will reduce it even further.  All of my blood test results have been terrific, and I truly believe it is due to the diet I am on.

Amazingly, my arthritis is nearly gone. I am 67 years old, and I still do have minimal arthritis in my thumbs (from much quilting and handwork) and slight arthritis in one hip. But I am limber, able to engage in yoga three times a week, and I just feel absolutely wonderful every day I get up! There were days that just arising was a painful procedure.

I will say that at the beginning the most daunting part was thinking about breakfast, but within a week I had settled into my “leftover” breakfasts (most delicious!), and now I even enjoy morning salads with meat or an egg on them.

Of late, I have been cheating a bit, and I do feel the effects of that.  However, for my age, I believe I am in really good shape mentally and physically.  Seeing you on the show just reinforced how using your wonderful and sensible diet has changed my life, and I am back on the diet with stronger commitment this very morning.

Weight loss?  Yes!  Healthy doctor’s report?  How terrific!  But even better yet is my most positive attitude towards myself and my life.  Every morning I arise early with enthusiasm and excitement about the day and my activities.

Dr. Cordain, I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for truly making a difference in my life, and all for the better.

With sincerest thanks,

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