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Recently we received a question from a member of the Paleo Diet community asking whether there was a Paleo Diet food pyramid. Dr. Cordain published what he dubbed Humanity’s Evolutionary Food Pyramid (aka The Paleo Diet Food Pyramid) in the inaugural edition of The Paleo Diet Update (Volume 1, Issue 1), originally published in February, 2005. The USDA food pyramid is also included in this post for reference.

The key recommendations Dr. Cordain suggested in his article from Volume 1, Issue 1 are:

  • Avoid the several ounces of grains per day the USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend.
  • Don’t buy into the diary industry’s well-financed and politically connected campaign to convince you that you need to drink milk.
  • Increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Eat more protein and less high glycemic load carbohydrates than are recommended by the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

More on this subject coming soon.

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  3. Great website and very helpful information. I have started to follow a pyramid just a little bit different. At the bottom of the one I follow it has vegetables and fruit. Where you eat more vegetables but a less amount of fruit. Above is then beef, pork, seafood and chicken. Then the rest of the pyramid is the same as the normal Paleo pyramid.

    Ether way any pyramid that cuts out wheat, sugar and processed foods has to be good for you. Cheers Mick

  4. What is Dr. Cordain’s current recommendation regarding supplements? His books indicate supplementing certain vitamins (E, D, C, etc.) along with Selenium but I’m concerned that advice might be outdated. Recent literature (my apologies for not referencing them) along with some mainstream Dr’s such as Dr Dean Adel indicate recent studies suggest supplements may be dangerous and to remove them all from your diet. Any comments or recent recommendations?

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