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Key Paleo Papers Package

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Egg Whites and Autoimmune Disease
Tomatoes, Vaccines, and Autoimmune Disease | The Paleo Diet
Diet and Acne | The Paleo Diet
Nutritional Differences Between Grass and Grain Fed Beef
Consumption of Nightshade Plants, Human Health, and Autoimmune Disease

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  1. Hi there.

    I would love to get back into the Paleo Diet but I don’t know how to get the motivation to do so. I am also addicted to junk food, how do I stop wanting it??

    Any ideas anyone?


    • Dani,

      A big part of adherence to any health habit (or any habit for that matter) is dealing with some of the behavioral issues that drive our day to day routines. There are lots of great resources on Cognitive Behavioral strategies to help you develop a strong base for implementing healthy habits. Here are some starters I hope will help.
      1. Set a very detailed goal; just saying I want to eat Paleo is usually not’s a long-term outcome goal and a good place to start but you need to define it with something measurable. ex; week one: I will eat 50% paleo ( that’s 10 meals per week) Week two: I will eat 65% paleo (that’s roughly 14 meals) etc.

      2. Reward yourself when you hit your short term goals. Rewards don’t have to be food based…ex: for every meal prep I do, I throw 5 bucks in a jar that sits on my desk (I figure I at least save that much over the week by not eating out). After 1 month I take that money and buy myself something….usually weight lifting equipment.

      3. Keep Track of your progress by Self-Monitoring!! This is a big deal as it provides you constant feedback on how you are doing. You can use a food tracker or you can just journal.

      4. Don’t get hung up on the times you swerve off road. Don’t let a lapse become a relapse…just pick up and keep on moving with an eye on your long term health.

      5. Create a very vivid vision in your head of what you want and all of the things that will happen as a result. I call it Polaroiding your goal. If you want to have a six pack, PRACTICE envisioning yourself with a six pack and all that will result as a function of that. How you will feel when your at the beach, how others will feel, etc. Or maybe it’s getting your health #’s down and in order…whatever it is, you should create a vivid image of it and pull out that polaroid every time things get challenging.

      Finally, remember that changing habits, especially something as addictive and routine as life-long eating habits can be Hard as Hell!! But you can do it…just keep moving forward.

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