Hormones in Milk

Hormones in Milk | The Paleo DietHormones in Milk Excerpt

Because people co-evolved with their environmental food sources, the human genetic make-up was shaped throughout millions of years of relying on relatively homogenous nutrition. Many foods, new to the human genome, were rapidly introduced following the Agricultural Revolution. So many, in fact, that approximately 70% of the typical Western diet now comes from food sources that were rarely, if ever, consumed by our Stone-Age or Paleolithic ancestors.

One of the many problems that have been seen to arise along with our change in diet is acne. By focusing on the foods our Paleolithic ancestors ate for millions of years, the Paleo Diet provides all the necessary micronutrients, including calcium, to fuel health and fitness. The Paleo Diet also avoids the risks of many diseases linked to the consumption of many of the foods more recently assailing the human genome. Read more…


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