Geologic Time, Magnitudes, and The Paleo Diet

Geologic Time, Magnitudes, and The Paleo DietGeologic Time, Magnitudes, and The Paleo Diet

The reason the Paleo Diet leads to optimum health is because it is the diet we evolved to eat. Humans have only been eating grains for about 10,000 years, and eating dairy for even less time. To understand and appreciate the basic premise of the Paleo Diet – that our genetic composition has not substantially changed since the geologically recent times of mass agriculture and industrial age food – it is very helpful to have a clear perception of the magnitudes of time (both very large and very small) that we are talking about. A change in magnitude (in math or science) is a number written in scientific notation that is at least one power of ten more or less. So, 20 and 40 (written scientifically as: 2 x 101 and 4 x 101) are actually of the same magnitude, or often stated as being the same “order of magnitude”. However, 20 and 400 (written scientifically as: 2 x 101 and 4 x 102) are one power of ten different and therefore one order of magnitude different. It is much more than mere doubling or exponential change (it must be a change in exponents of ten versus any smaller base number), and it is not uncommon in the natural world or science.

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