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Dr. Cordain,

My husband and I have been eating a Paleo diet for over five years, since there was an article about it in the Denver Rocky Mountain News. Before going Paleo, I was trying the Zone Diet. I found that if I wasn’t strict about following the Zone diet, I would easily feel “out of the Zone” mentally and physically. I also became tired of eating the processed, overly sweet, Zone bars. We transitioned into the Paleo Diet gradually, first eliminating pasta, breads, rice, then eliminating dairy products and beans. We have always eaten fresh vegetables, fruits and lean protein – now we are eating even more.

We are in our 50’s and our weight and BMI are within recommended ranges and have been stable for years. Initially, we lost between 10-16 lbs. Our doctors are amazed whenever we have our blood pressure, lipids and glucose checked. I only take a very low dose of an asthma control medication; otherwise we are on no other daily medications. We always feel great and have energy for skiing, biking, hiking – even if we don’t always work out. People are always telling us how much younger we look for our age.

I love to cook and create new recipes. At first it was a challenge, but it has become easier. It is fun to have friends over for a Paleo dinner and to share how good it feels to eat this way. My husband often tells me I should start a Paleo restaurant.

We have a routine every morning – packing our Paleo lunch and snacks. It has become very easy over time and if we have our Paleo food, we are less likely to end up eating something processed from the fast food restaurant or vending machine.

I have bought and given out about five Paleo books to friends and family over the years, wanting to share with them the greatest gift I know – health. A close friend recently went through radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer. She was also diagnosed with osteoporosis and was not tolerating the medications used to treat it. Her oncologist suggested that she try the Paleo Diet. She knew this is how I have been eating, so she immediately called me for tips. She lost five pounds within a few weeks and looked great, just a couple months after finishing chemo.

I work for a HMO as an RN and a disease manager. Every day I am reminded how traditional, non-Paleo diets are contributing to most of our modern-day health problems and increasing health care costs. I hope that more and more health care organizations recognize the benefits of your research findings.

Many, many thanks for sharing your findings through your books, lectures and web site, and most of all for giving us – health.


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