Critical Examination of Blood Type Diets

Critical Examination of Blood Type Diets | The Paleo DietCritical Examination of Blood Type Diets Excerpt

Blood type diets were first popularized by Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic physician, in his best selling 1996 book, Eat Right 4 Your Type. The inspiration for Dr. D’Adamo’s book came from subjective clinical impressions of his father, James D’Adamo; also a naturopathic physician who first proposed this concept in his book, One Man’s Food is Someone Else’s Poison 16 years earlier in 1982. As a member of Bastyr College’s first graduating class of naturopathic physicians in 1982, Peter became interested in attempting to validate his father’s subjective and personal observations from reviews of the scientific and medical literature – thus the fundamental reason for Peter writing his hugely successful diet book.

The underlying premise for Peter’s dietary ideas is that ABO blood type is the most important issue in determining healthful diets. He advocates separate diets for people with one of the four most common blood types (A, B, O or AB), and has further subdivided his dietary recommendations into three arbitrary ancestral categories: “African, Caucasian and Asian.” Hence 12 subgroups (4 blood types x 3 ancestral categories) exist – each with differing dietary recommendations.

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  1. I have the same issue. I want to follow the Paleo diet and in the mean time, I like to know how much I can do it with blood type diet. This article doesn’t tell any detail at all. I am B type and with arthritis problem. I am so confused that how much eating meat can affect me. For my blood type meat is good, but I read a lot that meat creates inflammation.
    Please, help me.

  2. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to combine the blood type diet with paleo. I have been on paleo for 2 years. I love it but the biggest issue for me is getting enough protein. Before finding out people with A blood type tend to be vegetarians I like my family amd friends with A blood type are vegatarians or tend to be mostly vegetarians. Adding more meat to my diet has been hard for as tofu amd beans and rice and occasional chicken made up my diet. I have seen the restrictions for A blood type and can say I think there is something to this. It states that with A blood type you can not eat tropical fruit such as bananas and coconuts, AVC, dairy (which I dont because I am paleo) but however when I did eat these things I had stomach issues. I generally dont eat fruit and love my veggies but since adding more fruit approved by A blood type I have noticed I started loosing weight. Granted I dont beleive in giving up shrimp as suggested for the A blood type. But if certain foods are infact harder to digest depending on your blood type it seems that it would be beneficial to combine it with paleo…..

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