Chris LaLanne

Chris LaLanne | The Paleo Diet TeamChris LaLanne is an accomplished athlete with over 15 years of experience as a fitness professional. He holds a B.S. in kinesiology/physiology as a graduate of the Exercise and Nutritional Sciences Department at San Diego State University. He is the grand-nephew of health and fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne, and his Uncle Jack has been his biggest influence since day one. He feels honored to follow in the footsteps of a man who has helped so many and truly made a difference in our world. Nearly five years ago, after following The Paleo diet for just one week, his strength and energy skyrocketed beyond imagination. He has been helping others feel better and look better ever since, by teaching The Paleo Diet lifestyle. Chris is the owner of LALANNE FITNESS powered by CrossFit, located downtown San Francisco, California. His students have demonstrated weight loss, increased athletic performance and faster recovery when following The Paleo Diet.

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